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Heaven Falls. Short Story.

Sorry the story is up so late today! Had an essay due in college and a presentation. Still, all done! Freedom now! No more classes this year, just have to hand in two essays next week and then have 4 … Continue reading

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Lady Luck. Short Story.

She woke suddenly. Well, her mind came back to life, but her body could not move. After a few moments she managed to prise open her eyelids, her vision was blurry, snow had melted and refrozen over her eyes, sealing … Continue reading

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Youtube Video 3!

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Mother Knows Best. Short Story.

Quite tired today! Was up early but it was worth it! Got tickets to go to see Florence + the Machine in March. Yay! Also Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword arrived yesterday, so I’ve been playing that, it’s really fun! … Continue reading

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Exodus. Short Story.

He stood on the hill, watching the town burn. Great plumes of smoke billowed into the sky, thick, dark and choking. A slight breeze carried the scent of the burning, occasionally a scream could be heard faintly over the roar … Continue reading

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Relinquished, short story read on youtube!

Here is the next short story read on youtube. I hope you enjoy it! As usual feel free to leave an comments/questions here, youtube or email me on the contact page! On with the show! (Literally!) Here is a link … Continue reading

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Perfect Opportunity. Short Story.

The car began to slow, “Crap” she steered toward the hard shoulder, hoping she would make it, not too worried if she didn’t. the road wasn’t that well travelled at night, there was a long enough stretch of road that … Continue reading

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