Deadly Secrets. Part 5

Ugh. I’m broken today.

Last few days were fun, some friends came over and we watched movies and we ate tons of junk food. Last night we went out drinking, as you do, which was also super fun. Didn’t get to bed till 6 this morning and we may or may not have tried to rap along to 212, twice. We watched some TV and ate some left over food, it was all quite fun.

Woke up this morning and everything was fine blah blah, then my back decided that it didn’t want to work without sudden and agonising pain. So I’m pretty much hobbled. I think I pulled a muscle, but I don’t know how, it may have been from dancing (I don’t dance that extrememly!) or when I was literally rolling on the floor laughing struggling to breath with tears streaming down my face.  That was fun except for the whole “this is how I die, just like the gypsy woman said” feeling. I also had pancakes. That kinda helped make me feel a little better.

On with the show!


She spent the night falling in and out of a fitful sleep, trying to figure out how she could escape. She discarded the idea of getting a message out to someone, it would be impossible, not only that, but what could she say, they couldn’t arrange a meeting point and she couldn’t tell them where she was. Her only option seemed to be run for it. It was that or try to get on delivery detail, but that would be almost as impossible as climbing the electric fence. Only those in the higher reaches of the church are allowed leave, it would take her months, maybe years to work her way up to that point, all the while hiding her desire to leave. She didn’t think she would be able to be convincing, Ariadne knew she would probably be caught out if she tried that. Obviously those promoted had something Mary looked for or valued, most likely a dim sense of morality and the ease at which they followed orders. If she was going to make a run for it, she would need supplies. That would not be too much of a problem, at least, if she was willing to wait a month or two. She could sew a cloth bag out of clothes or fabric she stole, needle and thread would be easy enough to take, in the mornings she would take two needles and return one in the evening, thread would be a bit more difficult but maybe she could knock the box over and take it while gathering it all up again. she could save food rations or maybe take a few cans of it. Really, all she would need to do is find a house somewhere nearby and get them to call the police, her parents or both. The only problem was getting to a house. if she timed it right she could get away for a while before they knew she was gone. Maybe if she tried to get sentenced to the repentance room she would be able to escape. It astounded her to think that she had never tried simply walking out of the room. She had no memory of a lock on the outside nor could she recall the noise of being locked in. They left you alone for two days in there, maybe she would be able to escape on the first night, during prayers, she could store her bag nearby and then escape over the fence. With any luck she wont be missed until they come to empty her bucket and give her food. it would give her a 36 hour head start, she could get a long way if she really tried in that time. All she needed was a lucky break. She didn’t know exactly which direction she should go, the area was very heavily wooded, but she could try to find the road and follow it during the night then during the day she could continue in the forest, keeping the road in sight. There was bound to be a sign or a car she could flag down. Having the rough plan in her mind was soothing, and though she was still tired, she felt better than she had in a few weeks. She would have to visit Mary soon and, hoping she looked as healthy as she felt, she left her house. If Mary thought she still looked ill she would be sent to the doctor, if not, she would be put back on her duty, though at a reduced rate. God healed her, but he would use her body to do it, he would not heal the tiredness that sprung from the battle against disease, she would be allowed to leave earlier with the others, allowing her time to sleep. She would also be excused from prayers. Obviously she was worthy in Gods eyes and, missing one prayer session would not harm her negatively as long as she said the proper prayers at home.

The visit with Mary was quick, Mary seemed distracted and slightly angry at something, though she tried to hide it. Ariadne found herself quickly dismissed, she was given the entire day off to rest, something she had not hoped for, nor expected and, when she thanked Mary she was genuinely grateful. Mary smiled, though her face was shining with benevolence, her eyes remained cold and hard. Ariadne quickly made her way back to her house; she was excused but that did not mean she could be lazy. She would need to make the appearance of keeping busy. Perhaps do a mild cleaning, the house was already spotless, but it would look good if she went outside a few times. Maybe fetch some water and have a bath. Each house had a shower, but the water was cold. Baths were permitted, but normally there wasn’t enough time.

When the day was finally over, she had made herself look incredibly busy. She had taken the mats outside and beat them, brought a few buckets of water to and from her house to make it appear as though she washed the floors, she took all her bedding to be washed, to any outside observer the house was completely cleaned. However, inside, she was sewing. She had stopped by her work to tell them she had been excused by Mary, so she could cleanse the evil from her house. While there she had managed to steal a needle and a roll of thread. She had knocked the basket over as planned to get the thread, but needles were kept separately. As she slid the tube of thread up her sleeve, she felt something cold against her skin. once at home again, she found that the needle had been left in the thread. She had sewn enough material together to make a bag, at the sacrifice of a dress, and all she really needed was to sew or tie some straps onto it. Now she just needed to find some food to fill it with, along with the few clothes she had left and she would be free.

Patrick was refreshed when he woke up and feeling optimistic. The craziness over the past few days seemed to be behind him and he had a few clients today who were paying big money, both for his services and for his silence. He left Diane sleeping in bed, she had woken him up a few times during the night, tossing and turning, but now she was slumbering peacefully and he didn’t want to disturb her, quietly he left the room and went into the bathroom. After turning on the shower, he gave it a few seconds to warm up before stepping in, the water refreshing and helped wake him up. Soaping his hair he stood under the spray, letting the suds be rinsed out, as he did so he went over who he was supposed to be meeting today, he had three clients then he was going to try take some photographs of a guy cheating on his wife, that shouldn’t be too hard, they normally went to the same place, usually on the same day. Most times getting photographs of them going inside a hotel room with another woman was enough and he left it at that, unless of course, he was asked for more detailed photos or he was planning to send a few to the guy. After that he was pretty much free, he would have to talk to a few of his contacts of course, just while he was in the area. overall, it was a pretty easy day to deal with. If he got through with the clients faster than he expected he would have to do some filing and upkeep, check he didn’t need to get back to anyone about anything then he’d be free once he got a few photos.
Once he stepped out of the shower, he brushed his teeth, then shaved. After he was done, he went back into their room and got dressed, being careful not to wake Diane.

part 6


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I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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