Deadly Secrets. Part 6.

I’m slowly but surely become decrippled. I’m able to walk like a normal person today, rather than huntched over and leaning on my knees. I’m hopeful that I will be mostly repaired by Sunday.

College starts on Monday, I’m looking forward to it, it should be fun, of course I’ll be doing something that I love, which always helps.

My week has been fairly boring, it’s insane how little you can do when you can’t walk further than three feet without getting a back spasm. Right now I’m a little incapacitated too, as Dougal is currently lying on my feet. They’re going numb. Send help.

He’s doing ok still, his staples havn’t been ripped out and he only pulled off his bandage once so far.


Part 1, Part 5

As she heard the door close, Diane sat up, she had been awake for a few minutes and was just waiting for Patrick to leave. She didn’t feel up to talking to him just yet. She heard him banging around downstairs, then finally leave. Once he was gone she got up to do her own morning routine. She thought she would probably have to tell him soon, she didn’t like hiding it from him, even if it turned out that she wasn’t pregnant, he’d have to know at some point. It would have been easier to tell him before, when she only had her suspicions, she regretted keeping it a secret from it. It would have been much easier to share then, when she was uncertain than it was now. They could have waited together, they could have made the appointment together, he could go with her. She was used to sharing her problems with him, both of them were not very secretive with one another, and, unless it was something like a present, both were usually bad at keeping big secrets from one another. This was the biggest secret she had kept so far and should she be pregnant their entire lives would change. She groaned. “Ugh. Why do relationships have to be so complicated?” she rolled out of bed and stood up, then she began to get ready for the day ahead.

Patrick pulled into the driveway and killed the lights, then he sat for a moment, he leaned back and closed his eyes. It had been a long day and he was tired, too tired to move. he would get up in a moment. The day had been more stressful than he had anticipated, one of his clients had refused to believe the pictures and he had gotten good pictures, hell, he could probably sell them to a porn site. She had accused him of photo manipulation before storming out, refusing to pay. Another client had broken down in tears, he was used to that happening occasionally, but the damn bastard wouldn’t leave. He just kept sobbing. Eventually he had to get Gloria to take him outside so he could take the last client. He thought that the photographs he needed would be easy to take but he couldn’t get a clear shot of the guys face going in, so he had to wait till they came back out and dear God did they take their time. He wondered if they were also doing drugs in there, maybe she was just a drug buddy rather than the fucking kind. That or he had some incredible stamina. It was four hours before they came back out. Four fucking hours in a hot car. Finally when he got the shots he started to go home before he remembered he had to visit his contacts. He almost decided not to before turning around, after all it was best to keep them sweet. Patrick had only talked to them for twenty minutes or so but the three girls were pissed off, they were having a slow day and they didn’t want him scaring off customers. They didn’t even thank him for the coffee and doughnuts he brought. Obviously, it was a bad day for everyone. He could feel himself beginning to drift off and with great effort he brought himself back to consciousness. Opening the door he felt the rush of cold air fill the car, waking him slightly. Closing the door, he locked the car, more out of habit than any conscious effort to do so, and made his way to the house. It was warm and brightly lit, the smell of food made his stomach grumble. He was tired, but not tired enough to skip dinner. Shedding his clothes as he walked, he went to the kitchen. Diane stood at the stove, sipping from a glass of water. “Hey, rough day?” “Very” he leaned in and kissed her “but, I’m not in till late tomorrow, so I can sleep in.” “Dinners almost done if you want to go change” “Cool, what are we having?” “Steak with a cream sauce and chips.” He looked at the onions and mushrooms frying in the pan “Yum. I’ll be down in a minute” as he walked back to the hall he used his foot to drag the clothes along the floor, he knew that Diane wouldn’t be pleased but he was too tired to really care. At the stairs he bent, then picked up his jacket, tie and shirt. Slowly he climbed them, each step taking forever. He just wanted to go to bed, but, as it was only eight, he knew if he did he would wake up at ten and spend the rest of the night tossing and turning. In their bedroom he threw the clothes on the bed, then undid his belt and let his trousers fall, leaving them where they were he went to the wardrobe and slowly slid the wood along its track. He pulled on a t-shirt and went to grab tracksuit bottoms, then he reconsidered, he wasn’t going anywhere again tonight, balancing on one foot, he slid out the drawer using his other foot, then bent and took out a pair of pyjama bottoms. After putting them on, he bent and grabbed a pair of woolly socks and slid the drawer closed. He rubbed his eyes, then the rest of his face. Leaving the clothes on the floor he went downstairs again. As he entered the kitchen, Diane was dishing up dinner, each plate had a large steak topped with the creamy sauce and a pile of mushrooms and onions, she was scooping chips onto each plate when he walked in. “It looks and smells amazing” “It better be, I spent all day cooking this.” He smiled, they both knew it was a quick meal for when they were both feeling tired. “It’s always amazing when you cook it” she mocked sighed, “flattery, flattery, if you really felt that way I’d be swimming in diamonds and pearls” “Your beauty would overshadow them, making them look cheap and fake” “No, the cubic zirconias you’d try to pass off as diamonds and the plastic baubles as pearls would make them look cheap and fake.” “As clever as she is beautiful.” She smiled, then turned from the plates, putting the pan back in the oven, she went over and kissed him “dinner is served.” “Where do you want to eat it?” “Well, we could eat in here and have a civilised conversation, or we could go into the sitting room and switch off in front of the TV for an hour or two.” “Which would you prefer?” “I don’t really mind, I say we eat it here mainly because I am starving.” “What ever my lady wants she gets.” “Except for real diamonds and pearls.” “Except for that.” taking their plates they sat down, Diane started to eat her food, quickly devouring it. Patrick was only a third of the way through his food when she finished “Woah, my lady sure can put it away.” “Ha ha.” She stood and went to the oven, “there’s more chips if you want.” “No thanks, I think I have enough here.” Diane tipped a few chips onto her plate, then reconsidered and dumped the majority of the chips on top of the others. On her way back to the table, she stopped at the fridge, taking out a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise. She looked at the contents for a moment, then shut the door. “We’ll need to go shopping soon. Do you want a glass?” “That would be great thanks.” Leaving her plate down, she went to the cupboard and grabbed two glasses, one she filled up with water from the fridges inbuilt dispenser “what drink do you want?” “Water is fine” filling the other glass she went back to the table, as she sat, she took a gulp from her glass and then set it delicately on the table. She picked up a chip and used it to start mopping up the rest of the cream sauce. They ate in silence for a few moments, then Diane picked up the mayonnaise and put some on her plate, dipping a chip into it she asked Patrick how his day was. “Fine, usual stuff really, destroyed a marriage, saved another, stalked a man who enjoys the hookers, you?” “Nothing nearly as interesting. I painted for a bit, sketched a rough plan and a few ideas for the garden. Slaved over a hot stove, greeted my husband after ushering my toy boy out the backdoor. The usual.” “You want to be careful with that kind of talk, I might take you seriously, I happen to have some good hooker contacts who could give me some great deals.” Diane smiled “aha! I have you there, you’re too vain to have sex with a hooker, you’d be too worried about STD’s and the private detectives I hired to follow you.” “Right you are as usual.” Diane took a breath, “seriously though, I do have something to tell you.” “Oh? Your not leaving me for that toy boy are you?” She smiled, “no, not until he can buy me a house.” There was a pause for a few moments, “I’m pregnant” “I’m sorry?” “I’m pregnant. At least I think I am. I took the test and it said I was and I’ve been feeling queasy. I booked an appointment with my gynaecologist to make sure.” Patrick smiled, then stood up, “this is great!” He hugged Diane, kissing her at the same time, as he hugged her he felt her relax, “you weren’t worried were you?” “Well, yeah, a little.” “Why?” “We never really discussed having children and I know we both want them someday, but I was worried it would be too soon.” “I’m thrilled, now is a perfect time as any, we have the money to raise a child and we have enough stored for anything that might happen.” She hugged him again as she started to cry, “hey what’s wrong?” “Nothing it’s just hormones.” She looked at him and saw his eyes were shiny too, “you’re not gonna cry too are you?” He smiled, then wiped at his eyes “I cant help it, sympathetic hormones.” No longer tired, they left their plates where they were and started to move into the sitting room, Diane stopped, then grabbed her plate, “what? I’m hungry. Eating for two and all that.” In the sitting room they sat and talked, trying to plan what they had to do. “We still have lots of time. I think I’m around a month, month and a half at the most, I missed my period, but it doesn’t mean its not just really late. I think we should wait before telling anyone, just in case the test was wrong.” “Ok, but even if the test was wrong, we can start planning and try again.” “If I am pregnant, do you want to know what sex the baby is?” “It’s up to you, I’ll go with what ever you decide.” “Really?” “Yeah, if you don’t want to know, then I don’t want to know, besides it’s safer, there’s no chance of me letting it slip accidentally or you figuring it out because I keep trying to buy certain things like dolls or spaceships or something.” “I think a surprise would be nicer, and it prepares us for the next baby if we make a list of names now.” “You’re getting a bit ahead of yourself aren’t you?” “Well, maybe but it’s true.” “Let’s just see how we go with this one first.” “You’re right, but I can’t help it. are you really happy?” “Yes, of course I am.”

Though he was tired when he came home, they stayed up late talking, even if he wasn’t tired he would have been the next day. he was glad he was able to sleep late. He got up slightly early, planning to surprise Diane with breakfast in bed, but as he was cooking she came downstairs. “Morning, what’s this?” “I was going to make you breakfast in bed.” “Oh, that’s sweet, but its probably for the best.” “Oh?” “Yeah, think of the crumbs” she sat at the table and poured herself a glass of orange juice. “I haven’t really had any morning sickness, sometimes I feel a bit queasy but I haven’t thrown up or anything.” “Don’t worry about it, when we go to your appointment, we can ask the doctor if it’s normal, if you want we could make a list of questions to ask while there.” “I think we’ll remember everything, if not there’s always baby books and the internet.” He pushed the bread in the toaster down and began to put eggs and bacon onto a plate, looking into the oven, he smiled and opened it, stepping back from the wave of heat. Taking a large plate he emptied the oven of the sausages and pudding. Putting the plate into the centre of the table, he grabbed the butter and put that down beside it. as the toaster popped, he took another plate and placed it with the other food.
As Diane helped herself to the food he checked to make sure there was nothing he was forgetting and then joined her. He only had surveillance today and so he rang Gloria and told her not to bother coming in, he would take the day off and he and Diane could spend it together.

They day passed quickly as they chatted about plans for the future, baby names and how they wanted the nursery decorated. It was all theoretical at this point of course, but it seemed to Diane that even if it turned out to be a false positive, they might start trying for a baby soon anyway, an opinion, that if expressed, Patrick would have quickly agreed to. they ended the lazy day with an evening out, a simple meal in a nice restaurant where it was cosy and they could continue to talk over their meal. It was a life changing event that they were about to go through and there didn’t seem as if there could be too much discussion. It was in pretty much all aspects, a perfect day together, at least, perfect until they arrived home.

The house was dark, as they had left it and, entering, they turned on the lights. Dinner had stretched on later than either had anticipated and, as they were leaving, Patrick remarked that there was a distinct sense that if they hadn’t left at that point the “bus boy will start mopping our shoes” though the day was peaceful and relaxing, it was also surprisingly draining, something that neither noticed until the prospect of bed arrived. Finally deciding that they wouldn’t know for a few days whether or not she was pregnant and, if she was, there would be almost nine months in which to prepare, they decided unanimously to go to bed.

Their room was warm as the heating had been left on while they were out, Diane was considering getting an electric blanket for the bed. They changed into their pyjamas while they talked and neither noticed the small splotches of red on the duvet cover. reaching for the duvet, Diane gripped it. “So, now that we’ve covered all the baby stuff, what’s the plan with you for tomorrow? After all, you can’t take another day off from the office.” “That’s the beauty of working for yourself, I can cancel everything if I want.” Diane paused. “No you can’t, it’s not good for business, besides, this isn’t an emer-” The thick heavy smell of blood was released, Diane paled, then turned and vomited. Patrick felt faint, trying not to vomit himself. On the bed was a human heart, perfectly located where a sleeping body would be. It appeared as though the sheets around it had been doused in blood. The blood which hadn’t congealed to a thick crust sparkled in the light. Patrick went around to Diane, carefully wrapping her in his arms, he tried to look around the room, make sure there was nothing else wrong while guiding the two of them out, as they were leaving he noticed the blood daubed on the ceiling. Two words, “Last Chance.”
Part 7

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I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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