Deadly Secrets. Part 14.

I’m pretty tired at the moment, monumentally so. I know what I want to happen next but because I’m tired I don’t want to do it until another day when I am not as tired.

Also, you know what is amazing? Meat that has been slow cooked. We slow cooked a ham and it. Is. Amazing. Seriously, the best ham I have ever eaten. Ever. Like I would sit there and just pull off lumps and eat them it is that good. We did the same with lamb (which I think I mentioned but I’m not 100% on that at the moment) and it was tasty, but the ham is far, far more delicious. (Hear that? That’s the sound of my sister murdering me for saying that.)

My arm is still sore from the flu shot on Tuesday and I’m a little off today, good nights sleep and I’ll be fine. Or that is what I hope!

On with the show!


Part 1, Part 13

They slept in the guest room, it was unpleasant, but was better than the alternative. Neither slept well, the mattress was lumpy and both had nightmarish dreams. Twice Diana woke briefly before being pulled back under. When she fully woke it was just past 6, it was starting to get bright outside and she decided that it was fine getting up. Patrick was still asleep and she left him there, knowing he’d need the sleep more than her. He had decided that he would go into work later today, only briefly, but it had to be done. Gloria had scheduled all his clients close together so he could run through them quickly. He only planned to be in for three hours, but it would be stressful. She made a cup of coffee for herself, unable for breakfast just yet, and wondered how Patrick did his job. She didn’t think she’d be able to handle it, telling those couples that their partner was cheating on them. It all seemed so horrible. Though she was never very good when people got upset, usually she would end up balling her eyes out with them. Doing that every day wouldn’t be good for her. Morning sickness hadn’t happened yet, she hoped it wouldn’t. She sipped her coffee and wondered if it was bad for the baby, she drank another few mouthfuls than poured it down the sink. She had never had a big caffeine addiction, she only drank coffee occasionally. She started making a cup of tea, surely that was better, less caffeine. It would be better for her. Patrick had set an alarm for nine, so Diane was quiet until then, watching the TV on low, at half 8 she went back into the kitchen and started to cook rashers and French toast, when Patrick came down, it was laid out on the table, beside the plate was a glass of orange juice and a bottle of syrup. “Up long?” “Not too long no, how did you sleep?” “Not great, you?” “Same.” he kissed her, then sat down, “It looks good.” He prodded the bread and eyed it suspiciously. “Poison?” “Of course.” “Good.” He piled a few rashers onto the bread then doused it in syrup before beginning to eat. “It’s delicious.” Diana smiled and picked at her food, she still wasn’t that hungry. She took a few mouthfuls, then stopped. It seemed too much, too many flavours, too much syrup, though it was only a few drops, too much bacon. She put her knife and fork down and took a sip of juice. When Patrick was done eating he kissed her cheek then left, promising to be back soon. The house seemed empty now that he was gone, she hadn’t noticed it before. She didn’t like it. She threw her food out, she couldn’t eat it and it wouldn’t be nice reheated, then put everything into the dishwasher. While it was on she turned on the radio, then looked around the kitchen, it seemed clean enough, but it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t her house any more. It had been violated. She went to the cabinet beside the sink and started to take out some cleaning supplies. That would help. Clean everything, make it fresh, new. That was what she’d do.

She spent the entire morning cleaning, when she was done she felt better, nothing had escaped her cleaning. She moved from the kitchen to the sitting room, then the front room and the bathroom. She cleaned quickly but methodically, making sure to get everything. It was easier as everything was virtually clean before she began, there was no clutter than needed to be cleared, no spots of grime or dirt that needed extra attention. While she had cleaned she had opened the windows of the house to let a breeze through, the house smelled of chemicals but it also felt cleaner it was much better. When Patrick came home he looked tired, and though he paused when he came in the door, he didn’t mention the cleaning. She was glad. He went into the kitchen and started making a cup of coffee, his day had been surprisingly tough. He turned down two new clients and had to break bad news to three, the rest were ok, but the last had become hysterical. She wouldn’t leave the office, he was worried that she might do something stupid, but in the end she calmed down. He had spent almost two hours with her, far, far longer than he had planned. Thank god there were no other clients waiting. She was screaming and shouting, crying, it was horrible. He sipped his coffee, he was glad to be done for the day. He had a few things for tomorrow, but the work was light, luckily. The house smelled of chemicals and though he didn’t say anything to her, he guessed that Diane had spent her time cleaning. He didn’t blame her really. She was probably tired too. He was feeling peckish and decided to have something to eat. He made himself a sandwich and ate it quickly. He thought about it for a few moments then decided they should get take away for dinner. Sure they had bought lots of food before, but they were both tired. It wouldn’t do any harm really.

They passed the rest of the day peacefully, Patrick did some work in his home office while Diane watched some Television. They decided to get Chinese food for dinner and ordered far more than they needed. After they both felt full and groggy, though the meal was delicious. Despite their tiredness they packed up the food again and put it in the fridge, they could have left over’s for dinner tomorrow.

They had eaten dinner early and just after they had put everything away, Daniels work phone started to ring. He looked at it for a moment, wondering if he should pick it up, he could just let the machine get it. Sighing, he answered. “Hello?” “Hi…um is this Patrick Jones?” he frowned, “Yes, it is, who’s speaking?” “Um I’m not sure if you know me but I think my parents contacted you not too long ago, my name is Ariadne Preston” He knew who she was immediately, “How can I help you?” “I’m sorry to be ringing you but I didn’t know who else to ring, I don’t have the number for anyone else, I mean I found yours online and-” she took a breath. “I’m sorry, I’m just a little on edge, I’ve just left The Lambs” her voice lowered “I broke out a few days ago, I’m not sure how long it’s been, I think three days. I need your help.” “What can I do?” “I don’t know where I am, I’ve no one else that can help.” “Ok, can you find out where you are?” “Hang on.” There was someone talking in the background. After a few seconds she spoke again, giving him an address, he knew where it was. “I can be there in about half an hour.” “Thank you” “It’s no problem, stay safe until I get there ok? Is there anything you need?” “Uhh, some clothes would be great, what I have now is wet and dirty.” “Done. I’ll be with you soon, stay where you are no matter what. Will the owner let you stay in the break room or something?” “There isn’t an owner here, just a guy behind the till.” “Ok, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He hung up, then turned to Diane, “I have to do something, I’ll be back soon.” “What is it?” “A clients daughter, she needs some help.” “Do you want me to come too.” He paused, it was a good idea, the girl would feel safer with another woman, but it might be dangerous. “It’s up to you, it might not be safe.” “Will we be shot at?” “Unlikely.” “Skinned alive?” “I hope not.” “Attacked?” “Possibly.” “I think I’ll sit this one out.” he nodded, then hugged her, she squeezed him tight. “Don’t do anything stupid.” He turned away, then turned back. “Oh, do you have any old clothes?”

He was on the road quickly, a pile of baggy clothes beside him. He wasn’t sure what size Ariadne would need, the pictures had shown a slim girl but that might have changed since the photo was taken. He hoped the clothes would fit, he had taken the baggiest ones Diane offered. He drove in silence, not wanting the radio to distract him, the only noise was the sat nav occasionally giving directions.


About Alan James Keogh

I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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