Endless Battle. Short Story.

So, as I said I’m gonna expand a bit on my weekend, though there isn’t a whole lot to tell, basically went across to my sister’s house in Ennis for a night, it was really fun. We also went on a drive on Sunday, which was awesome, there were far more ruins than I expected. We went past a round tower, built in the 11th century, there was also a church, a grave yard and a few other buildings whose use I’m not quite sure of, the youngest building was built in the early 14th century. There were no signs directing to it either, my sister and her boyfriend stumbled across it accidentally/unexpectedly. Though there were signs explaining what the buildings were/when they were built. There was also a creepy little hand-made sign claiming that information pamphlets were available at a nearby house, obviously we didn’t go and buy any, our insane murderer senses were tingling.
I would like to say it was surprising that there were no signs pointing to it, but then this is Ireland, the country that can’t seem to direct people to awesome stuff. Like Newgrange, did you know it’s older than the Stonehenge and the pyramids? And the oldest still standing man-made structure in the world? Neither did I until I went on a school trip to it and still knowing this I still always think of the Pyramids first for oldest buildings. Also out of general interest, it is completely waterproof still, has been since it was built which is amazing.

Back to the weekend though! We also went up some mad crazy road that twisted and turned constantly, there was a name for it, but I can’t recall it, we were reading the sign through the car window because (BIG SHOCK!) it was raining. At the very top we stopped for a few moments and turned off the engine. It was completely silent. It was eerie but beautiful, the view was pretty spectacular too, despite the mists. Really, it felt like we were the only people in the world, no breeze going through the trees, there was no bird song either, just silence. We also drove through a few smaller towns, they were all quaint looking, as well as along the shore. It was a really nice drive over all.

I have news which is big for me, but less so for everyone else involved, tomorrow, or for those reading this, today, I am going on an adventure! I’m going to New York with some friends for a few days, but don’t worry, the blog will still be updated, though it will be doing so automatically. There will be internet access in the hotel but I won’t be using it much, I’ll check in occasionally to make sure everything is going ok/being updated, but that will be it. Beyond that hope everyone’s week goes well! And I’ll talk to you all (directly) soon!


Endless Battle.

There it was again, that whisper. His name. He stopped and looked around, then continued looking at his computer screen. He must have been hearing things. That was all. That had to be it. The wind blew softly outside, caressing the windows, trying to find gaps in the house, trying to find a way in.

It had been happening a lot over the last few weeks, he kept thinking he heard someone say his name. It was never anything else, just his name. It was only ever when he was alone, when he was with others he never heard it. At least not that he noticed. It wasn’t that distracting, not yet at least. It was obviously just in his head, one of those annoying things. He didn’t notice that it was beginning to increase in frequency, why would he? After looking around for the source, and seeing none, he promptly forgot about it. There was nothing special about it, after all it happened to everyone at some point, there was nothing that would cause him to remember it, he simply shook his head and dismissed it. He yawned and shut down the computer. He was looking forward to bed, he hadn’t slept well the night before, his dreams had been feverish and strange. He spent most of the day in a haze, he would have gone to bed earlier, but he always found it difficult to sleep before ten at night. It had been that way for as long as he could remember. He stretched, then left the room, turning off the light as he went.

He flopped onto his bed and crawled under the covers, he got himself comfortable then closed his eyes, he expected to drop off quickly, but he couldn’t seem to sleep. He tried to stop his thoughts, but it was useless, they became cyclical, the same path over and over again. No. Stop it. His mind silenced. Good. Wait. Shit. That was thinking. He took a deep breath then relaxed his body, once that was done he took another breath and cleared his mind. He turned, once, twice, then a third time. He felt tiredness dragging him down, deeper and deeper, there was a noise, outside, his mind tried to incorporate it into the growing dreamscape, he tried to fight against it, but it was too late, he was powerless to stop it.

He turned over in bed. Crap. He had woken. He looked at his clock, three in the morning. He didn’t feel sleepy anymore, damn. It must have been like taking a nap. He got out of bed and glanced at the clock again, ugh. Five A.M. He’d have to get up in a few hours. He left his room, past the jaguar cages, ignoring their shrieks, and down the stairs, he rubbed at his eyes, they felt a little gritty. He walked through into the kitchen and took a goblet from the cupboard, he went to the tap and turned it on, red liquid came gushing from the faucet, he shook his head and turned it off, he didn’t want hot water, he turned the other tap and blue liquid came out, better. He filled the glass and drank it, then he filled it again. He sipped his drink and left the kitchen, he walked through the sitting room door to the garden, the flowers were swaying back and forth in a light breeze, each one sighing. He continued past the flowers towards the spiking columns, wind tugged at his pyjamas, pushing and tugging him. He started walking up the spiral staircase, again and again, it seemed to go on for eternity. He looked up, trying to see the top of it, but it stretched out, miles into the sky. He turned a corner and it ended. He walked onto the platform, the wind was stronger up here, more violent. It slammed into him, he could barely stand up here. Another gust blew, pushing him off the edge, he started falling, forever and ever.
He woke briefly, then turned over and fell back asleep, his dreams pulling him deeper, when the morning came he had forgotten he had dreamed at all. He got up groggily then went downstairs for breakfast. The day was windy, as he walked to and from work it tugged and grabbed at his coat, he tried to wrap it tighter against himself but it didn’t seem to work, the wind found crevices to enter, stealing his warmth. Work went by quickly enough, he stayed at his desk for lunch, deciding it was too cold to go out with the others. His co-workers thought it a little strange as it was a nice day out, they had lunch in the nearby park. His walk home was equally cold and when he finally got home he changed out of his work clothes and into pyjamas. He turned on the heating and the kettle, a hot drink would warm him up, he’d make a cup of coffee and watch some TV.

It wasn’t long before the house became stiflingly hot, he opened a few windows, fearful that it would get too cold too fast for him to do anything about it, but outside it was a calm and balmy evening. Once he became tired, he turned everything off and went to bed, closing the windows. His room was too warm, so he cracked the window open slightly, hoping it would cool the room. He got into bed and it wasn’t long before he fell asleep. Light at first, he tossed and turned, but soon he relaxed and the sleep became deeper. The wind pushed and shoved at the window, forcing the gap wider, it slipped through and into the room, chilling it slightly. He shifted in his sleep. The wind blew closer, gently against his face, tugging at strands of hair, his hand scratched at his face. This was a delicate task, one that should have already been undertaken. It was getting late now, too close for the winds liking, it needed to do it now, tonight. Too long had it searched for the perfect vessel. He breathed in deeply and seeing its chance the wind allowed itself to be sucked into his lungs, he woke up coughing and gasping as he felt his lungs expand, it felt as though he were drowning in air, too much, he couldn’t release the air filling his chest, he clawed at his throat, his eyes wildly looking for an attacker, something, anything that could be of use, but there was nothing. He fell back, his eyes closed. His chest continued its steady march and after a few moments, his eyes opened. Before they had been green, but now they were icy blue. He exhaled, then breathed in deeply. The winds swirled madly about the room before exploding out the window. He smiled, perfect, this body was perfect. It should last a long time, much longer than the last one. He stood and went to the window, concentrating for a few moments, the winds picked up, swirling and twirling, gathering debris, pushing clouds through the sky, as suddenly as it began it stopped, the winds dying instantly, the dust that it had carried falling to the earth. Good. It was in complete control. There was a crack of thunder and rain started to pour from the once clear sky. He looked up at them. It was his sister, no doubt angry at his sudden out burst. It didn’t matter to him. Soon they would battle. They had been evenly matched since they began, but he knew they were getting tired of the endless game they played. Soon he would rule all the elements, his siblings dead or dying, once that day came he would be unstoppable. He looked out at the night, then closed the window and turned from it. Yes, this body was young, strong. Perfect really. He smiled again.


About Alan James Keogh

I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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