Transformation. Short Story.

Hope everyone’s week is going well. I went to the doctors on Monday for my bi-yearly check up. Everything is fine, apparently. Well, my internal organs haven’t managed to kill me yet, so that counts as fine. I’m still kinda tired, though not nearly as tired as I was last week, which is a big, big plus. I was also in and out of the doctor’s office much faster than I expected, it only took an hour, normally it takes at least an hour and a half,  sometimes slightly longer. I got to do some reading though AND fill in a survey/study thingamabob. It was explained to me at the time, but like most things, I’ve forgotten most of what was said.

I don’t think I’ve been up to too much, mostly because I couldn’t really move very far without wanting to collapse into something soft and comfortable. There has been a weird craving for rolls lately. Dunno what the hell that’s about, but it is delicious, so I’m not too concerned.

On with the show!



The drugs were kicking in, they had to be. Large balls of colour swirled about the room, dancing and mixing. She stared, transfixed by their bright, shiny movement. Her fingers reached out, trying to touch one, but they always deftly avoided her touch. She smiled, a child’s excited smile, and let her hand drop back to her lap. Whatever this was, it was good stuff, very, very good.

She had taken the pill an hour ago and was starting to resign herself to the fact that it just wasn’t working when it finally hit. Her best friends’, cousin’s boyfriend’s sister-in-law was the source, apparently, and through the passing of hands, someone forgot to mention exactly what the pill was and what it was supposed to do. Of course, rather than worrying her, it only tempted her further. It wasn’t anything dangerous, she knew that much, it was recreational and she had thought it would probably just end up being ecstasy, a drug she had dabbled with before, now through her haze she wondered if it was LSD, though she could still think, weren’t thoughts supposed to stop on LSD? That’s what she had always thought though it was one of those drugs she had never gotten around to researching.

 She had decided to try it by herself in her apartment, with some soft, classical music in the background. Soothing and relaxing surroundings would help ensure she had a good time and, if she freaked out, other people would only be a hindrance, at least that was always the case in the past. There was only a limited supply of whatever it was, but she’d have to get some more for her friends, they’d get a kick out of this too. The classical music that was playing stopped suddenly, replaced instead by a gentle humming, she wasn’t sure, but she thought she was making the sound herself. The orbs started to spin and bounce into each other, their state becoming more solid. She giggled as one knocked over a lamp and seemed to shake itself. They moved faster and faster, slamming against the walls, a framed picture fell, it’s glass front cracking, she stared at the photo in dismay for a moment before the colours distracted her again. When she returned her attention to them, she realised there were less now, but the ones that remained seemed to be larger, as she watched, two crashed together and melded, forming one ball. She stared transfixed as they continued to join, until finally, there was only one, spinning, bouncing ball. It froze in mid-air and started to spin faster. It moved slightly up and down, then stopped spinning. It appeared as though it was searching for something. She watched, fascinated. The ball stopped moving completely then it flew towards her, she squawked in panic and scrambled backwards, her back pressing against the couch she had been leaning against. The ball slammed into her chest, pain, so much pain, she opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out, her head slumped against her chest, just below her chin was a large hole.

She woke several hours later, feeling groggy and confused. That was one strange trip. Her hand shot to her chest, but everything was normal. She stood, muscles sore from being in one place for so long. It was fun enough until the end, even then the pain and fear had only lasted a few seconds, not that bad for a few hours of fun prior to it. Her hand slowly massaged her chest, as though trying to soothe the non-existent pain. She wouldn’t be trying it again but she might convince some of her friends to give it ago. Hell, it might be a bit of a laugh to film their reactions at the end. It must be the same for everyone else. She was fine, completely calm and happy until the end. There was nothing that changed her mood. She went to turn off the music, then noticed it wasn’t playing. Strange. The C.D. must have stopped. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down on the couch, she was feeling quite thirsty, once she had drank half the bottle, she realised she was hungry too, not just hungry, but famished. Ah, the munchies. At least she recognised this feeling. Standing again she began to gather food. It wasn’t long before she had made herself some burgers and oven chips. She ate quickly and when that was gone, she went in search of more food. At least the fatigue had worn off, she wasn’t feeling lazy or anything. All in all it had been a pretty fun trip. Hell, she might even try it again if she could lay her hands on some more.

Once she had finished eating she felt quite content in life. Better than she had felt in a few weeks really. Her outlook on life had always been positive but now it seemed to have been kicked into overdrive. Everything would work out, not because it had to, or because it was deserved, but because it simply would. She knew this with certainty, everything that happened was for the best, no matter what it was. She could see that so clearly, it was obvious really. She had been in an odd mood recently, not happy or sad, just kind of average and now that was gone. Obviously whatever she took had changed her disposition for the better. Really, it was awesome stuff. Ok, there had been the whole pain at the end thing, but even that wasn’t that bad, not really. It was only like getting a swift pinch. Over before you really knew what was happening. She’d definitely have to get more. She’d find a way, if it was scarce now it wouldn’t be in a few weeks. She would get a few of them, then herself and her friends could have a little party. They’d see what a benefit it had on her and they’d be eager to try it, of course they would. They would have no reason to avoid it, after all she wasn’t going to tell them about the end. It might not happen to everyone either. It might have just been her. Maybe she had some panic or stress she hadn’t known about and it had just come to the surface.

As soon as she was under the covers she was asleep, she didn’t have enough time to marvel at how tired she was. Normally she would lie awake for at least an hour before her brain would finally shut down and allow her to rest. The night passed mostly in peace, until around two A.M. when she started to shift and turn, then cough. She coughed for a few moments, still asleep, until a small white pill flew from her mouth and landed on the floor with a faint noise. It rolled underneath her small bedside locker and in the morning, she never knew it was there.

It didn’t take her too long to locate some more of the pills, same source, and she was surprised at not only the speed she had acquired them, but also the price. Usually when something was classed as rare it was so the price could be driven up, but not these, these were twelve pills for a fiver. Definitely worth it. She had been guaranteed it was the same thing, she didn’t need twelve, but hey, it didn’t hurt to have a few extra’s lying around.

Her friends were gathered in the small room, joking and laughing while they waited for the pills to kick in, she had warned them of the long wait time. She herself had taken one after a moment of deliberation. Just as the hour mark passed, she felt something strange in her stomach, a weird twisting sensation that, while unpleasant, was not exactly painful. It grew and quickly began to move up her throat, almost as fast the sensation grew painful. Her eyes rolled in her head, she couldn’t breathe, she felt like she was about to vomit. Her hands clawed at her bulging throat, but none of her friends noticed, they were too busy watching the floating balls. Her jaw cracked as it dislocated and broke, from her gaping mouth three balls emerged and joined the others in the room. Her body shuddered and convulsed for a second before lying still. Her mouth moved back into place slowly, the bones and skin repairing itself. She coughed and opened her eyes, they were a light green and seemed to shine lightly. She watched the idiots giggle and laugh at the balls, at her brothers and sisters. Soon they would have bodies again. Soon they would control the entire world. She smiled and left the room, she wanted to get started already. It would take a few days of incubation for them to hatch, while she waited she could make a few more of the pills and distribute them around the campus. As she worked she hummed to herself, a soft gentle hum. In the living room something banged against the wall and soon, screams followed.


About Alan James Keogh

I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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