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Why Don’t The Mountains Sing At Night? Short Story.

So I’m pretty wrecked, yay! Dunno what it is but I’m hoping it’ll fade away quickly. It’s distressing to go from low levels of tiredness back to these levels again. As I said on Monday (or maybe it was Friday, … Continue reading

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Lunch. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I didn’t get up to much, went out on Friday, and that was really it, mostly as I was too exhausted to do anything else. Days are also gone all skewy, really convinced that … Continue reading

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Deadly Secrets. Part 44.

My week was pretty ok, though I’ve been wrecked for the last few days, unbelievably tired, it seems to be fading thankfully. Do not want to go back down that road again. No thank you. I’m lazy enough as it … Continue reading

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Endings. Short Story.

Hope everyone’s having a good week, mine is going well, a little stressful but ok other than that! Don’t really have much to report, so, On with the show! —————————————————————————————- Endings. He took a mouthful of his coffee, it was … Continue reading

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Camping. Short Story.

This was perfect, just what he needed. The trees rustled gently in the warm breeze, the sun occasionally peeked through the tree branches, somewhere nearby he  could hear a river, it gurgled slightly, no doubt the water would be cool … Continue reading

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