Summoned. Short Story.

Hope everyone’s week is going well! I’ve been ridiculously tired the last few days, it isn’t fun at all, but then it could be worse! I’m hoping that a few good nights of sleep will put me back on track.

I haven’t been up to much, went to a friends to watch movies, which was fun. Well, when I say movies, I mean movie. I finally saw Let The Right One In. I’m not sure what I think of it. It was enjoyable, but it wasn’t all that scary. Now I’m sure I’ve said before I’m not a major fan of scary movies, particularly the ones that use jump chords as they always, always get me. I enjoy ones that are psychologically scary, like Silence of The Lambs. I also found it to be a little slow. I definitely want to see the original, particularly as I read the book, which wasn’t my tastes exactly, there were some parts that really grossed/creeped me out a lot and not in a good way, if you’ve read the books I have no doubt you’ll know what parts I mean. I was surprised they didn’t keep the twist (I suppose that you’d call it a twist) about Abby, but then again it isn’t that shocking when you think about what audience they were aiming it towards. I think the Swedish version kept that part, though I’m not entirely sure. It’ll be interesting to find out!

On with the show!


The candles flickered softly, throwing shadows around the room. She leaned over the arcane drawings that were etched into the floor, chanting in a dull monotone. Around her was a strange collection of items, a blue glass orb, a bottle of red liquid, a golden and intricately designed key. The chants reached their crescendo, she stopped and picked up the bottle, carefully pouring the contents over the etchings, making sure each line was filled. She placed the bottle down and picked up the orb, putting it in the centre of a circle, finally, she took the key and inserted it into a small, key shaped hole in the floor, she turned it twice. The chanting began again. The flames of the candles grew brighter, the shadows danced around the room, audience to her summoning. A wind began to blow around the room, circling her and the etchings, creating a whirlwind that moved faster and faster until it extinguished the candles, plunging everything into darkness.

The room was dark for a moment before it was filled with a glaring light, she shielded her eyes. A deep booming voice filled the room, “You dare summon me?” “She smiled, “you can stop the theatrics. You have been summoned, and imprisoned, so just drop it.” she gestured to the etchings on the floor, “A containment field. Risky. One mistake and I will be able to escape and once I do, I will rip you to shreds. Or maybe I will do something worse.” The light in the room dulled slightly, she lowered her arm and looked at him. Her eyes started to burn, her brain became foggy. “Can you please transform into something I can look at?” The demon scoffed and started mumbling to himself about please and how in the good days no one used politeness, they were firm, they ordered. The air started to shimmer and a moment later a man was standing there. He was just under six foot, wearing a black suit. He appeared both old and young, his hair constantly shifting between grey and pure black. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome I suppose. Now, why have you summoned me?” “I want to bind you to this necklace.” She pointed to a small silver locket. “Really? Why?” “I read about your kind. If I bind you to this locket, I can control you. It’s a family heirloom you see, great value to me, only belongs to me, there is no inheritor, so once I die you’ll be free, but before that, you have to do what I say and protect me from danger.” He smiled, “Do you know who you’ve chosen?” “Yes, the most powerful one I could find.” “I like your audacity. But I can tell your nothing more than a novice. Your containment field is made using basic symbols. Really, you should have studied much longer before attempting to summon me. I’m mostly impressed that you even managed that much. You are pathetic.” “What do  you mean?” “I’ve already found six different points that I can use to leave this circle.” “You’re lying.” “No, merely bored. Hell can be a drab, boring place. Besides, this discussion has been slightly pleasant. It isn’t usual that people converse with me. Usually it’s all do this, do that. You’re quite polite too. I almost feel bad I need to kill you.” He stepped from the circle, she paled. She turned and bolted towards the door, “don’t bother, I’ve already sealed it.” She pulled at the handle, it shook slightly but refused to move. “See?” She spun, back against the door, “what are you going to do?” “Well, that requires some thought, to be quite honest. I feel like torturing you would be a little boring. I have after all spent the last few years torturing. Well, years for you, for me it felt like millennia. That’s hell for ya.” he chuckled, it was deep and grating. “However, I think I might be able to come up with something more interesting.” He appeared to be deep in thought, then he smiled. “I know. I need a vessel, at least temporarily. You might be fun for a while, of course before my powers burn out your body. Unfortunately you’ll be nothing but an empty husk when I’m done. Still. It will be fun. For me at least.” As he had spoken she had slid down the door, now she sat huddled against it. The demon seemed to melt, the man becoming a black smoke, curling around the room, it seemed to be lost for a moment before it zeroed in on her, entering her body through every orifice. She spasmed on the ground, shaking and jerking. A thin foam appeared on her lips before her body settled and she lay completely still.

White. Pure and brilliant white. The demon, again in his human shape, sat on a chair, bound with iron. Now he was no longer fading between young and old, he was old and frail looking, his eyes large and swimmy. “What’s happening?” The woman was sitting across from him. A table appeared between the two, on it was a tea pot and two cups. “Would you like some tea?” She picked up the pot and poured out two cups before adding milk and sugar, a plate of biscuits appeared beside them, she slid the cup across the table to him. His chains loosened, instead wrapping around his legs and wrists, giving him freedom to move slightly. He picked up the cup, the chains moved silently, he took a sip. “Now. I’m afraid that you were misled.” “I can see that.” “Well, you wouldn’t have fallen for it otherwise. I need you, you see. I am powerful, but not powerful enough. You will join me, and I will use your strength. You will wait here, until such time as I choose to release you. I may release you soon, or never. I haven’t quite decided yet, though you have little choice. It can be pleasant, like now. Or worse, much, much worse.” “Really? I’ve been in hell for billions of years, I don’t think you’ll be able to hurt me all that much.” “Well, here’s the thing. Every demon has its weakness and I found yours. I can kill you, not send you back to hell, kill you completely. Poof. Nothing, just eternal darkness. Of course that’s little enough threat for the moment, you know I want you, so you probably think you have the upper hand, that there will come a time when you will be able to trick me, convince me to free you or that I’d do it accidently. I want you to disregard such illusions now.” “So, what’s in it for me?” “Other than life, I can create this space in any way shape or for you desire, I can make this your personal heaven. However, if you choose to go against me, I can always do this.” The demon froze, tears started to stream down his face. “Stop. Please.” she waited a moment, then the demon let out a sigh. “I’ll do it. What ever you want.” “Good. You won’t be able to leave here, however you will be able to shape this into your desire. Within reason. You can play and have fun until I need you, it won’t be too distracting when I do.”

She opened her eyes, smiling. She got up and the candles burst into life, she stared at the etchings on the floor, after a second they vanished. The room began to right itself. She did everything slowly, carefully, getting used to the powers, testing them. This was nothing. The building began to shake, it floated off the ground slowly, then each part started to separate. She could feel it all, every board, every nail, every particle of dust. The separated out, then gently, the house returned to normal. It had barely used any of her new powers. Soon she would be unstoppable .She smiled, this was the fifth and strongest demon she had taken into her service. Soon she would have five more, each one more powerful. She would be able to remake the universe if she so desired. She would be more powerful than God, of course not that God would care, God had left this universe long, long ago, but that was the important thing. With God gone, that meant there was an opening, one she intended to fill.

About Alan James Keogh

I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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