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Shadow Crawlers. Part 26

The new Zelda game (A Link Between Worlds.) Arrived on Wednesday, so I’ve been pretty caught up in that. I’m definitely enjoying it, though it wasn’t as amazing as I hoped. That mostly rests with me thought. It’s a sequel … Continue reading

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Day trip. Short Story.

He wandered through the park, though he knew where he was going, he was in no rush. The wind was gentle, carrying with it the faint scents of flowers and, underneath that, baking bread. He followed the small creek that … Continue reading

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The Urge. Short Story.

My weekend went pretty well. Went to the cinema, saw Catching Fire. It was really enjoyable, I’d definitely recommend it. Though someone seemed to have brought a baby, or at least a young toddler, along with them. I really don’t … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 25

The weekend is looking like it’ll be a good one. I’m going to see the Hunger Games tonight with some friends (I’m hoping they’re not using the whole Shaky Cam thing again because that’s annoying as hell. I want to … Continue reading

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Infection. Short Story.

Babysitting a puppy isn’t as fun as it sounds. Particularly when that puppy is bigger than a Labrador. It’s adorable and cute at first, then you remember that puppies are kind of assholes. It’s not really his fault it’s so … Continue reading

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The Doll. Short Story.

He knocked on the door three times, then waited. There was no answer. He knocked again, then checked his watch to make sure he wasn’t late. He was on time, as always. A moment later the door opened, a middle … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 24.

The weekend, woo! I’m looking forward to tomorrow, my friend is celebrating graduating college, so she wants to go out and do something, it should be fun though I don’t plan on staying too late. I’m fairly tired at the … Continue reading

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