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Shadow Crawlers. Part 40.

I caught up on my reading somewhat, yay! I haven’t been feeling all that great the last few days, so I was able to read. Finished off Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, it was awesome. I’ve also a few … Continue reading

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Office Life. Short Story.

Jeremy quickly finished the last few bites of his sandwich and then downed what was left in his bottle of water. He crumpled the cardboard container and tossed it into the bin, checking his watch, he started walking at a … Continue reading

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Guidance. Short Story.

My weekend was pretty relaxing, visited some friends on Friday, had a bit of a catch up, the rest of the weekend was spent doing very little, I’m also not feeling as tired, so that’s a bonus. Started reading again, … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 39.

It’s the weekend, yay! I’m absolutely wrecked the last few days, don’t really know what it is, but it isn’t fun. I have a bunch of books I got recently too that I want to crack into, but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Burning/Sickness. Flash Fiction.

Burning John had always known he’d die by fire, ever since he was a child. He had a fascination with it, one that didn’t quite tip over into unhealthy, but was well inside the borders of unusual. It filled his … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I was at my sister’s house, which was pretty fun, got to see the monster dog again. He’s absolutely ginormous now. Also met his best friend ever, an English Mastiff, who is smaller by … Continue reading

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