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Shadow Crawlers. Part 51

Part 1, Part 50 Amy and Grady were led through the halls by a young man who had nervously introduced himself as Andy. Grady found herself incredulous that they had chosen this person out of everyone to show them around, … Continue reading

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Theft. Short Story.

Jane Smith was 5’7, slim and blonde. She was 27 and extremely successful, with a loving husband, a large house and a high paying job. She was pretty and liked by most, she travelled through the world with ease, things … Continue reading

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Bravery. Short Story.

Last week was pretty long, so I’m pretty glad that the weekend was relaxing. Was on the go from Saturday really. I didn’t get up to much over the weekend, watched TV and the like. My sister was across briefly … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 50

Part 1, Part 49 Amy and Grady sat in a large meeting room, alone. Before them sat two untouched cups of coffee and water bottles. The room held a large oval table and comfortable chairs, on one end there was … Continue reading

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Expedition. Short Story.

Julie hated this, hated all of it. She tried to think of something, anything positive, but came up blank. She hated the camping, the shared toilet, the lack of running water and most of all, she hated that it had … Continue reading

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Revenge. Short Story.

Weekend went well, pizza was delicious and nobody was poisoned so win-win! Was a pretty fun night over all, ate some delicious food and caught up with friends. Plus, bonus, there’s left over pizza dough for dinner again tonight! Hope … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 49

Hope everyone’s week went well. My life has been pretty boring the last few days. Have some friends over on the weekend, which should be fun. Homemade pizza party, along with onesies, booze and movies. Quite looking forward to it, … Continue reading

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