Shadow Crawlers. Part 47

Part 1, Part 46

Brett lay in silence. The woman had returned twice, both times she had simply taken vials of blood and left. Brett tried mentally fight against her while she was in the room but nothing happened. He had feared it since he had been placed in the room but until he tried to use them on the woman he hadn’t know it for certain, something was blocking all of his powers. He couldn’t feel them there, in the back of his mind that pleasant little burning sensation was completely gone. He considered getting up and physically attacking the woman, but that wouldn’t help, he’d still be trapped in here and Brett had no doubt that she was expendable, why else would she have been allowed in while unarmed? If there were guards he would have chanced it, tried to get a gun, maybe go into one of them, but he was effectively trapped. He tried to leave the body behind, but again, nothing happened. So he waited and meditated, occasionally visiting his rooms, he tried the meeting hall occasionally, but it was different somehow like he was walking through the shadows of rooms he once knew. He had sensed some more of those creatures hanging around the door frame, they knew he was weak and wanted to get at him. It was probably the same with the others. At first he suspected Alice, but he discounted that now, Simon was attacked while Alice was incapable of movement, but whoever attacked probably needed her immobile for safety. If it had been Alice she would have been by to gloat, and she wouldn’t have had time to build something this complicated, nor would she have had the resources to staff it. He had a suspicion of who was behind it all, that old man he had seen, that was the only option that made sense. He couldn’t recall if he told any of the others about him, if Brett was going to escape he needed outside help and he suspected that the building was lined with material that made his powers inert. Rose and Ed would be useless here if either had escaped. The girls wouldn’t know where they were or even how to find them. He suspected Ed would have gotten away, if they weren’t fired upon immediately, as soon as they saw Brett go down they would have reacted, Ed would have dropped into a tunnel and Rose would have probably set up some kind of fire shield, though the tranquilisers could probably have passed through if they were fired fast enough. For now he had to assume that his powers wouldn’t work in the entire building, he couldn’t track the others, but he’d need them to get out. Perhaps he could start a fire? Alarms would go off, people would be milling around outside, perfect for escaping, but how would he start it? He’d need to get out of the room first too, no doubt there were sprinklers or something in the room. Perhaps he could pretend to wake and that he was a normal person, though he had probably been faking for too long for them to find that believable. He heard the door open, it was time to see what this place looked like. He waited until he felt the needle bite into his arms, then he opened his eyes, as the needle was pulled out, he sat up.


The woman gasped and dropped the vial, Brett’s hand shot out and caught it, then he handed it back to her.
“You might need this.” Her hand gripped the vial tightly as she backed up towards the door.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to attack you or anything.”

He was surprised no one had come in, that she had no weapon, he hoped she might be hiding something in her lab coat. The woman’s hand wrapped around the door knob and twisted, but it wouldn’t move.

“It seems like they’ve locked us in. As I said, I won’t hurt you.”
She snatched the needle from the tray and brandished it in front of her, “Stay back.”

Brett sighed. “I haven’t moved, I’m not going to move. I’m not going to try and escape. Just tell your people to let you out, ok? I promise I won’t move.” He smiled at her, she paled.

“The door is locked, it won’t unlock until you’re sedated again. You should be groggy, the effects shouldn’t have worn off that quickly. I was supposed to have time to get out of the room.”
“Yeah, well, you’re stuck here it would seem.” Brett shrugged, trying to get her to relax a little. He didn’t particularly want to get stabbed and he didn’t know what would happen to him if his body died.


Amanda had to be careful, she had to use this to her advantage. She lowered the needle slightly, no doubt he’d end up getting it off her and stabbing her. Amanda placed the plastic cap back onto the needle and slid it into her pocket. She would have time to try and get it out before he attacked and there would be no danger of stabbing herself. He hadn’t tested positive for any blood borne illnesses but god only knew what would happen if his blood mixed with hers. She didn’t know exactly what he was yet, none of them knew, but she knew he wasn’t human. She had to turn this to her advantage. So far he hadn’t attacked but Amanda had no doubt that he was studying her, looking for weaknesses, openings. Like a predator. She had to make herself useful.

“If you kill me they’ll never let you out of this room.” She was proud that her voice barely shook.

“I assumed as much. Look, I just want to get out of here, I’ll cooperate with what ever you want, I’ll give a million blood samples if you’d like. I won’t attack anyone. I promise.”
“I’m afraid I can’t just take your word for it.”
“Understandable, there’s been no trust. My only desire is to live my life. That is it.”
He was a liar, she knew that much. She had a vial of sedative in her pocket, she wasn’t supposed to have it, but she thought she’d need it for emergencies like this.
“Ok, then prove it. Let me inject you with this, then I can leave.”
“What is it?”
“A sedative, that is all, you’ll go to sleep for a short while, then when you wake up, I’ll be gone. Deal?”
“Ok.” Brett stuck out his arm.
Carefully Amanda filled a syringe and injected him.
“Lie back, it won’t be-” Brett slumped backwards.

“Let me out, right now.”
She waited, her heart thudding, time seemed to stretched out, then there was a faint click. She grabbed the trolley and ran into the hall. Behind her the door resealed itself. She collapsed against the wall, breathing heavily, sweat pouring down her face.
“You did well in there.”
“Th-thank you.”
“We were scrambling for an extraction team. You thought on your feet. That’s good here. We have enough blood samples for now I think and we got a few tests in while he was passed out at least. I think we’ll move to questioning when he wakes again. You should be the one to do it, you’ve a rapport with him now I think. He’ll trust you more than he trusts us.”
Amanda stopped shaking, the doctor handed her a coffee, “It has plenty of sugar too. It’ll help set you to rights. Take a break for a bit. Come back when you’ve had a bite to eat.” He left her in the hall, she slid down onto the floor. The hall had been empty except for her and the doctor. There had been no guards waiting, no extraction team. They didn’t expect her to come out alive. She took a sip of coffee. It had been the same every single time, why hadn’t she noticed? They thought she was expendable, every time she walked out of that room was just a bonus to them. She took another sip of coffee. After a few minutes she stood and made her way to the canteen. She seemed to be in an indispensable position, for now at least.


About Alan James Keogh

I am a 26 year old writer who somehow tricked U.C.D. into giving me not only a degree in English and Classical studies, but an Hons Masters in Creative Writing too. Visit my blog where I post short stories twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and an installment of a serialised novel on Fridays. I did consider writing this in the third person, as though it was written by someone else, but Alan is not comfortable writing in the third person as it seems kinda creepy and unbalanced so Alan decided it was probably best to write in the first person. He hopes it went well for him.
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