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Testing. Short Story.

“Any changes?” “Not yet.” “Increase the patients dose.” “Are you sure, we increased it yesterday, any changes would take time to occur.” “We don’t have time to wait around. Increase the dose. We all know where this is heading anyway.” … Continue reading

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Extraction. Short Story.

Jessica looked up from her work, then yawned, beside her Adam worked diligently. Jessica was tired, it had been a long six months, but it was almost over, soon they’d get to go home. Finish off these last few things … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 48

Part 1, Part 47 “We found them.” “Good, bring them in, do it carefully though. I don’t want any of the humans harmed. We’re not too sure about what exactly the boy is, so tell your men to be on … Continue reading

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The Gates. Short Story.

Ugh. I’ve been pretty tired and generally crappy the last couple of days, didn’t get up to much. Yay for sleeping. I played some Majoras Mask, which was fun, but that’s really it. On with the show! _______________________________________________________ Jack opened … Continue reading

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People Watching. Short Story.

Ruth ate slowly, watching the people around her as they chatted and ate. The café wasn’t as busy as she had expected, only five of the tables held any occupants, including her own. She took a sip of coffee, then … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 47

Part 1, Part 46 Brett lay in silence. The woman had returned twice, both times she had simply taken vials of blood and left. Brett tried mentally fight against her while she was in the room but nothing happened. He … Continue reading

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