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Slow, Painful Death. Short Story.

The room was large and bright, a desk sat in the middle, behind which was a large sliding door leading to a balcony, the door was open letting in a light breeze. Joanne hadn’t expected this. She thought it would … Continue reading

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Best Night Ever. Short Story.

Sherry looked down at the wine stain on her dress, that would never come out and of course she just had to wear white tonight, of all nights. She grabbed a handful of tissues and started blotting at it. The … Continue reading

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Replacement. Flash Fiction.

“Have you got the replacement finished?” “Almost just a few more tweaks and it’ll be ready.” “Good, we need it done by tomorrow night at the latest.” “We’ll have no problem having it done by then. Old one still holding … Continue reading

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Running the Gauntlet. Short Story.

Brad took a deep breath, They had all warned him how the pictures and videos weren’t enough to prepare yourself, that seeing it was so different from looking at them through a lens. “C’mon man, shake it off, you can … Continue reading

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Safety. Flash Fiction

Samantha wasn’t paying attention when it happened. She had her heard buried in her phone, texting Jason who seemed to be angling for a third date, but hadn’t quite come out and said it yet. Samantha was trying to think … Continue reading

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Guiding Hand. Short Story.

Jacob took a sip of his coffee and grimaced. He always hated the stuff, the most he could do now was tolerate it, but it helped focus him for the day ahead. “How are things down there?” “They seem to … Continue reading

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Life Soda. Short Story.

So it occurs to me I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m coming off a week break from writing, it was kind of weird as its been almost a year since I’ve taken a break from the … Continue reading

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