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The Text. Short Story.

I groaned and rolled over as my phone went off. Already I knew who it was, Alexis had been freaking out the night before due to another break up with Brad. My alarm hadn’t gone off yet, that meant it … Continue reading

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Fire and Faith. Flash Fiction.

Charlotte sat in the middle of the fire, eyes closed and a small smile on her lips. She could feel the flames licking across her skin, moving through her body, chasing out the darkness and the evil that had infected … Continue reading

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A Small Price to Pay. Short Story.

Darren lifted up the food bucket and started down the corridor. He walked quickly, focusing on keeping the bucket steady. The bucket was filled with food, maggots and grubs, they writhed over one another, the sight of it still made … Continue reading

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Only Chance. Short Story.

Violet took a sip of her wine, Derek smiled at her from across the table, they didn’t need to share words in this moment, right now the silence was perfect. She placed her glass down, “I can’t believe you managed … Continue reading

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The Morning After. Flash Fiction.

Declan opened his eyes then winced, groaning, he rolled over and sat up. His head was throbbing steadily and he felt like he was going to throw up any second. He took a slow breath, then looked around, he was … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye. Short Story.

John took an awkward sip of his drink. Technically he knew everyone here, but none of them well enough to actually have a conversation with. At least not without the short, painful dance of finding out who they are and … Continue reading

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