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Announcement: 3 Week Break.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a quick announcement, for the first time in five years (Yes! Five! I was equally shocked) I’ll be away for the next 3 weeks, so there won’t be any short stories for that … Continue reading

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A New Start. Short Story.

Holly stood in the centre of the room, panting. Her heart was thudding heavily in her chest, her arms felt heavy, she was holding something in her hand. Without looking she released it from her grip and hear the familiar … Continue reading

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Day After Day. Flash Fiction.

Mark took a sip of his coffee, it tasted like shit but it got the job done. He looked back at his computer screen, eyes flicking to the clock. Still three hours left before he could go. Sighing, he started … Continue reading

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Weird New World. Short Story.

Ella walked down the street slowly, the sound of her high heels echoing off the buildings. The city was so quiet now, she had never noticed how much noise everything created. Now there was nothing but the sounds of nature, … Continue reading

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Revenge. Short Story.

Sharon looked into his eyes, she could see it, the dead gleam of a predator sizing up his pray. She smiled at him, it was a small smile, meek. Just as she had seen the predator in him, he saw … Continue reading

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Love. Short Story.

“Can you not feel her love as she watches over us?” “No, I can’t.” Frank frowned, “Have you accepted her into your soul, completely and utterly?” “Yes, I have. I could feel it yesterday, but not today.” Frank looked at … Continue reading

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Getting Old. Short Story.

Becky grabbed a napkin and used it to carefully pick up the knife, she didn’t want any blood getting onto her. The knife was speckled with drops of blood. Usually her father wasn’t this sloppy, but he was starting to … Continue reading

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