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A Favour. Short Story.

“Ugh, do we have to do this?” “We promised we would.” “I know but she’s not going to know, she’s dead.” “So you want to break a promise to a dead woman, is that it?” “Yeah. Pretty much. We both … Continue reading

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The Crystal Dead. Short Story.

“This place gives me the creeps.” “Why?” “It’s like watching ants, just mindless drones going about their business.” “So? It’s just the way they do things here.” “I know, but it’s creepy, why do you need so many people to … Continue reading

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The Package. Short Story.

Brandon took another drag from his cigarette, inhaling it deep into his lungs, already he could feel the soothing rush wash over him. It was ok, mistakes happen, but they’d fix it. Terry was out there right now tracking down … Continue reading

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The Accident. Short Story.

Jacob dropped the knife, it landed with a loud clatter. Frannie was on the ground, moaning softly, one hand on her stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. “Oh god I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.” Jacob dropped to his knees … Continue reading

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The Last Night. Short Story.

The night air was colder than Janice had expected, despite her warm hoody she still shivered slightly. Standing she went to her car and grabbed the spare blanket from the trunk. Blanket in hand she went back to her spot … Continue reading

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Helping Hand. Flash Fiction

Stephanie looked at the glass of water on the counter, all ready to go. Did she really dare do it? After all it wouldn’t be her fault, not if Jason had asked for it. She wouldn’t be making him drink … Continue reading

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My Best Friend. Short Story.

Murder. That was how it all began. Another human thrown onto the trash heap that was humanity and no one seemed to care. They looked at her and all they saw were big blue eyes, long blonde hair and a … Continue reading

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