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No short story today.

Edit 2.0: still sick, I’m getting there though, definitely be a short story Monday, hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday period! Hey guys, no short story today,  sorry.  I’m too riddled with disease to type. Who knew the human … Continue reading

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No Good Deed. Short Story.

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday! Unfortunately I’m a bit under the weather at the moment (actually everyone here seems to be, be warned for this is a house of sickness. Maybe we should throw a red cross … Continue reading

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Decline. Flash Fiction.

Lance stood on the wall, looking out over the forest. He could feel the faint tremor of the machines below, the ones that worked to keep them all safe. Things lurked in the forest, waiting for their chance. It had … Continue reading

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Starting Over. Short Story.

Jackie took a sip of her drink, the house felt so empty now that everyone was gone. Thomas had left sometime in the last week, Jackie wasn’t sure how long ago it was exactly, he had taken Sammie, their dog, … Continue reading

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Beneath the Lake. Flash Fiction.

Stacy looked out at the lake, it didn’t seem any different than it had before. It looked so calm, gently lapping against the rocky shore. No sign of the terrible things that had happened here. Of course she tried to … Continue reading

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Dreams. Flash Fiction.

Daisy yawned, then took a sip of her coffee. She didn’t want to sleep, she couldn’t sleep. Sleep was bad. Bad bad bad. She took another drink. Her body felt heavy, her eyes kept closing of their own accord. She … Continue reading

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The Visitor. Short Story.

Jack looked out the window, the snow had been falling for hours now with no sign of it stopping. Thick flakes fell steadily, it was impossible to make out the house across the street. He squinted, trying to see something, … Continue reading

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One Day at a Time. Short Story.

Jeremy took another sip of tea, his hands weren’t shaking anymore, which was a plus, but that didn’t mean the desire had faded away. He just needed to keep himself busy. That was all, do something distracting. He looked around … Continue reading

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Truce. Short Story.

Shelly yawned, somewhere inside the house there was a loud scream, Shelly rolled her eyes and turned up the TV a little more. A second scream came, even louder. “I’m trying to watch TV.” A third scream, almost in defiance, … Continue reading

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New Neighbours. Flash Fiction.

There was nothing overtly wrong in the house, but there was an underlying smell, beneath the scent of citrus and potpourri, something sour and earthy with a hint of rot. The other smells did a good job of covering it, … Continue reading

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