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Happiness in a Bottle. Short Story.

Lily took her pill and counted to ten, she hated feeling sad, everyone did. A moment later she could feel the sadness receding, replaced instead by a buoying happiness, she smiled allowing it to pull her along. She gently took … Continue reading

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The Rock. Flash Fiction.

Anna sighed and pulled her jacket a little tighter, now that night was falling it was starting to get cold. She looked around again and saw nothing, this entire thing was just so stupid. They really expected her to stand … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment. Flash Fiction.

“Please, spare him, he’s only a boy.” “You know the rules, you both know the rules. You broke the law so he must be punished.” “No, please, punish me, I’m the one who stole it, not him.” “That doesn’t matter.” … Continue reading

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The Raid. Flash Fiction.

“They’re all dead.” “You can’t know that.” “They have to be, nothing could survive that.” Silence fell, “Maybe someone made it out.” “Yeah. Maybe. We might find them later.” “Yeah.” Brad didn’t know what else to say, it was easier … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Diner. Flash Fiction.

Steven looked down at the knife in his hands. It felt right there, natural. The gleaming surface was spotted with blood, though he had not actually harmed anyone himself. Outside he could hear noises of everyday life, the small diner … Continue reading

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Working for the Cure. Flash Fiction.

Joanna hated the way they looked at her as she passed the cages. All pleading eyes and begging gasps. She couldn’t help them, even if she wanted to. They were doomed the moment they became ill. Letting them out now … Continue reading

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No Short Story Today.

I’m sick again. Yaaay. There will be a short story Wednesday, I should be back to normalish by then!

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