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Noisy Neighbours. Flash Fiction.

It seemed like the very room itself was vibrating with music, Jenny threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, this was ridiculous, how did they expect her or anyone else to sleep when they had … Continue reading

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Another Rainy Day. Short Story.

Ted sat at the window, looking out at the black rain. “Will you get away from there and just close the blinds or something?” “Why?” “That stuff freaks me out. I don’t want to have to see it.” “They said … Continue reading

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Protector. Flash Fiction.

Jacob stopped walking, he put his hand on his stomach and shuddered, “Let’s go back, I don’t feel well.” “You always say that. You’re fine it’s just nerves.” “I know but I really don’t want to be here. I think … Continue reading

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Welcoming the End. Flash Fiction.

Mary carefully lowered herself into the chair, once she was sitting she let out a small sigh of relief. Everything hurt these days, she reached out and picked up the hand mirror sitting on the small table beside her, carefully … Continue reading

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The Deal. Flash Fiction.

Gail looked out at the trees, it was there, she could feel it watching her, lurking in the shadows. After a few minutes the feeling left, Gail turned and went into the house, “It’s getting bolder.” “Well, what did you … Continue reading

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Loss. Short Story.

Danny looked at himself in the hall mirror, he turned his head this way and that, then tried smiling. It looked wrong, too bright, too manic. He let his face relax and tried again. Better. “Morning! Yes, it’s a beautiful … Continue reading

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Oracles. Short Story.

Happy St. Patrick day! Hope everyone has a good day! I’m not up to much today, just going to have a relaxed one. I always find Paddy’s day can be a bit stressful, town is always packed and it’s a … Continue reading

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