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A Simple Trade. Flash Fiction.

Kelly watched the thick black smoke that rose into the sky, the screaming from inside had stopped long ago. Above the roar of the fire she could hear sirens getting closer, she had wondered when they would show up. She … Continue reading

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One Rainy Afternoon. Flash Fiction.

Cindy stared out at the rain, the gentle pitter patter of it against the window was surprisingly relaxing. The day itself was dragging along, normally people would be coming in every few minutes but with the rain it seemed like … Continue reading

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Perfect End to a Perfect Night. Short Story.

Scott walked with his head down and his hands in his pockets, it had been a long night and not nearly as fun as it was supposed to be. He’d struck out with Casey, who’d disappeared halfway through the night … Continue reading

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Short Story Will be up Tomorrow.

Hey guys, been one of those days what with doctors appointments and such (woo for getting another colonoscopy :-/) Anyway, due to all that excitement the short story for today will be up tomorrow instead, hope everyone has had a … Continue reading

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There’s Something in the Dark. Flash Fiction.

Sally walked through the brightly lit tunnel, the staccato clacking of her high heels echoing against the tiled walls. She held her purse a little tighter as she walked, the station itself was clean, it always was, and there was … Continue reading

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After The End. Short Story.

Tony looked out the window, at the people walking past on the sidewalk, at the sun shining in the sky and the clouds floating serenely above, it all seemed so perfect, but it was wrong, it had to be. Tony … Continue reading

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No Short Story Today. Blog Post.

Hey guys, no short story for today, I’ll be back on schedule this Wednesday, hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

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