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Breach. Short Story.

Colin looked around the large dining hall, trying to take it all in at once. The room was larger than he expected, he could just about make out the faces of the people at the other end. Tables were scattered … Continue reading

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Fall of a Dynasty. Flash Fiction.

Jeremy looked at the ruby red blood, the way it shone in the light. Everything in the room faded into the background, he felt his stomach do a slow, lazy flip, then darkness fell. He woke a few minutes later, … Continue reading

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The Cave. Short Story.

“I don’t like this.” “No one does their first time, trust me it’s completely safe.” Brian looked at the walls, they were a light blue with swirls of darker blue running through them, a constant pulse seemed to be running … Continue reading

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Water of Life. Flash Fiction.

Derek paused his music, frowning he listened intently, it sounded like someone was running the tap in the bathroom, the pipes were making that odd, annoying rattle again. Had Sandra come home already? He glanced out the window, no sign … Continue reading

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The Sickness. Flash Fiction.

So as I said last Wednesday there was a family situation and that was welcoming a new member to the family! My sister gave birth to an absolutely beautiful baby girl on Wednesday, which came as a surprise to everyone, … Continue reading

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No Short Story Today .

Hey guys, Really sorry,  there was a sudden family situation (everyone is fine!) that was unexpected and I didn’t get a chance to write anything due to a combination of running around and just completely blanking on today being Wednesday. … Continue reading

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In the Silence. Flash Fiction.

Beth could feel the bead of sweat rolling down her face, she brushed it away and took a sip of her water. She was sitting on a deck chair in the back garden, the sun shining down on her. It … Continue reading

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