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Curfew. Short Story.

Mary looked at her watch, it was almost six and there was still no sign of Tim yet, she looked out the window again, hoping she’d see his car turn onto their road. He had cut it late a few … Continue reading

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Without a Trace. Flash Fiction.

There was no point in trying to hang on any longer. It wasn’t even like there was anyone left to mourn him. His parents had died away three years ago, car accident, his father had a bit too much to … Continue reading

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Escape. Flash Fiction.

Janet looked at the pills that were spilled across the table. It wasn’t really giving up, was it? She stood from the table and went into the bathroom, there she dipped her hand into the bath, it was just the … Continue reading

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Through the Cracks. Short Story.

“Hey, was that there before?” “What?” “That big crack over there in the rock, it’s new isn’t it?” Sarah turned and looked to where Harry was pointing, “Yeah, maybe. I never noticed it before anyway.” She turned back and took … Continue reading

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The Only Choice. Flash Fiction.

John walked through the streets, he was the only one out. The midday sun shone down on him, the heat making beads of sweat pop out on his forehead. He glanced at a house as he passed, they, like the … Continue reading

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The Gift. Short Story.

“Get the Gift! It will change your life!” Brian stood at the bus stop, the advertisement blaring out behind him, he didn’t need to turn to picture the smiling face that no doubt filled the bus shelter. She was young, … Continue reading

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The City of Prosperity. Short Story.

The sun rose over the city of Prosperity, the first and only fully automated city. The tall glass buildings glinted in the dawn light, it could be seen from miles around, a shining beacon in the middle of the dreary, … Continue reading

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