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We Need to Talk. Short Story.

Fiona looked at her phone, still nothing. She took a sip of her coffee, she scanned the small coffee shop again, it wasn’t like Jack to be late and he was the one who wanted to meet with her. She shifted … Continue reading

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The Fly. Flash Fiction.

Doug frowned and waved distractedly at the air, that damn fly was buzzing around him again. It had been in the office most of the day, even though the door and both of the windows were open, the damn things … Continue reading

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Good Samaritan. Flash Fiction.

Sarah paused, the glass of water halfway to her lips, had she heard something? It almost sounded like a faint voice calling out. She took a sip from the glass, then turned to go back into the sitting room, she … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Gift. Flash Fiction.

Christina opened the small package, she reached inside and pulled out a wad of paper, followed by another, her hands hit something hard and cold, she wrapped her hand around it and pulled out a small glass sculpture. She turned … Continue reading

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No short story today. 

Unfortunately last night we had to put our dog Jessie to sleep, there won’t be a short story today.  She was a good dog and will be sorely missed. 

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Beneath the Surface. Flash Fiction.

Jessica looked down at the swirling water below, the road was quiet now and the sound of the rushing water was oddly alluring. She was unable to look away from the glittering surface of the water. She felt the cold … Continue reading

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