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The High Life. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Had some cramps this morning which wasn’t fun, so not doing as well as I had thought. Weekend was good though, it was my grandmothers 80th so my dads side of the family all … Continue reading

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No short story today

Hey guys, won’t be a short story today, absolutely exhausted. Will be back on Monday with a new short story, hope everyone has a good weekend!

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The Change. Short Story.

I think I’m doing a bit better, the stomach cramps have eased off a bit so I’m hopeful! Still really tired but then what’s new there really! I’m going to try and get my next appointment with my GI doctor … Continue reading

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Up the Ranks. Flash Fiction.

Bloods came back and everything seemed to be fine which is both reassuring and worrying. I’m glad there isn’t active disease but I’ve lost 5 pounds in two weeks which isn’t a good sign. Hopefully I’ll find out what it … Continue reading

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Endless Worlds. Short Story.

I’m feeling a bit better today, I’m still feeling pretty tired but I haven’t had much cramping. I’m taking it as a good sign. Haven’t gotten my results back yet, so I won’t know until Monday if there’s inflammation. It’s … Continue reading

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The Path. Flash Fiction.

Bleh. Haven’t been great the last few weeks. Went to the doctors earlier tonight and got some blood drawn, I’ll find out in a few days if anything turns up. If there is inflammation I’ll most likely be put onto … Continue reading

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Family Tradition. Flash Fiction.

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good night last night! ________________________________________________________ Stacy glanced up from her phone and rolled her eyes, Andrea, her mother was still butchering the corpse. “Can’t we do this later? I’m tired and I’ve stuff … Continue reading

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