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In the Darkness. Flash Fiction.

“The dead can be a little restless, you need to walk through the tunnels at least once every four hours. You don’t have to speak to them if you do not want to, they find the presence comforting enough.” “But … Continue reading

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The Radio. Short Story.

Sandra had been hearing them for months now and it was wonderful. She was able to spend time with those who had passed, her grandparents, her mother, Bobby and June. It had been so long since she had heard any … Continue reading

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His Own Personal Afterlife. Flash Fiction.

Chris looked around, huh, so this is what being dead was like. Overall it wasn’t too bad, if a little boring. He didn’t need food or drink, it wasn’t until he was dead that he realised how much he used … Continue reading

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The Flash. Short Story.

So writing stuff down is supposed to be a good way to get your thoughts in order and I really need to get them all in order because what I’m thinking makes no sense but it feels right. It sounds … Continue reading

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Eternity. Short Story.

Nothing but endless grey in every direction. It makes my head hurt, which is surprising, after all I am dead, you think that stuff like pain would stop. Looking off into the vast, vast nothingness is unnerving. It’s all just … Continue reading

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