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For Him. Short Story.

Janice took a deep breath, the air was thick with that hot, coppery smell. She released the breath slowly, feeling her stress just melt away. It had been so long since she had a chance to indulge like this. She … Continue reading

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They Carry Death. Flash Fiction.

They were all dead. Every single one of them. Sam had been in the forests when it happened, he knew he wasn’t really supposed to be out, but he was sick of being stuck inside all day. He knew that … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee. Short Story.

Maude smiled, kissed her husband on the cheek and handed him his coffee, “Have a great day dear.” “You too Hun.” Harold left the house, coffee in hand. The smile faded from Maude’s face. The bastard should be dead by … Continue reading

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For Better, For Worse. Short Story.

Carol looked at the clock, Todd should have been home by now, but it wasn’t that unusual for him to be a little late. Dinner was cooking in the oven already though, if he was going for an all nighter … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 17.

I’m almost 23 now. This Sunday will be my birthday, I’m a little excited (more so for going out and having fun.) and a little unnerved. I don’t feel 23. It’s weird. I guess I’ll have a year to get … Continue reading

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Spies. Short Story.

I’ve been sleeping weirdly the last couple of nights. Mostly due to spider related issues. I don’t really mind spiders all that much, just a certain kind of spider. If they are the ones with small bodies/thin legs they’re fine, … Continue reading

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Another Job. Short Story.

Man, Monday was strange. Threw me completely on the days the week. I’m definitely going to miss class. I’m currently finishing off an essay and some assignments editing and the like, which isn’t too bad. I’ve most of the essay … Continue reading

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