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The Sickness. Flash Fiction.

So as I said last Wednesday there was a family situation and that was welcoming a new member to the family! My sister gave birth to an absolutely beautiful baby girl on Wednesday, which came as a surprise to everyone, … Continue reading

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Let Them In. Short Story.

Dan kept his head down, he could hear them thudding at the door over the music that was playing through his headphones. It was only a few more hours and they’d be gone and he could have some peace again. … Continue reading

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Newborn. Short Story.

Meredith pricked her finger, wincing at the pain, she carefully squeezed out three drops of blood. She had been doing this for three months now and it still hurt just as much as the first time. She had hoped that, … Continue reading

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Fertility. Short Story.

Sandra walked slowly down the road, enjoying the sunshine, it was a particularly lovely day and that made the walk so much better for her. She pushed an old and heavy Victorian style pram, it had been a present, one … Continue reading

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The Baby. Short Story & Announcement!

Hope everyone’s weekend went well! So, I said I had an announcement and I do! I realised I fell behind with Whispers in the Shadows, so I got to editing and I’ve re-edited the previous books (I-IV) and have edited … Continue reading

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