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An Imitation. Short Story.

Janice opened her eyes slowly, feeling groggy. After a second, she sat up, squinting. Everything was so bright, the room she was in was completely white, the bed, the tables. Everything. She blinked, then started rubbing at her eyes. The … Continue reading

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Death Bed. Short Story.

He sat up, letting out a faint groan, “how are you feeling today?” “Tired. Sore.” “Any better?” “Not really.” “hmm, there should be some improvement.” The doctor looked worried, “I’m not getting better, am I?” “No, it doesn’t look that … Continue reading

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Deadly Secrets. Part 39

Part 1, Part 38 Joe drove slowly, he wanted time to think. Mary would be angry if she knew what he was doing, but that wouldn’t matter in the end. He had been thinking about the Ariadne problem lately, usually … Continue reading

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