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Up the Ranks. Flash Fiction.

Bloods came back and everything seemed to be fine which is both reassuring and worrying. I’m glad there isn’t active disease but I’ve lost 5 pounds in two weeks which isn’t a good sign. Hopefully I’ll find out what it … Continue reading

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One Rainy Afternoon. Flash Fiction.

Cindy stared out at the rain, the gentle pitter patter of it against the window was surprisingly relaxing. The day itself was dragging along, normally people would be coming in every few minutes but with the rain it seemed like … Continue reading

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Hunted. Short Story.

Debbie sipped her drink, she always hated places like this, loud music, expensive booze, assholes everywhere you looked. If it weren’t for Abby they would have just gone to their usual spot, but she wanted to try something new, something … Continue reading

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Fresh Start. Short Story.

Sandra let the passing fields blur into one, they had distracted her at first, watching the buildings turn to trees turn to expanses of green, but now they were boring. Long stretches only broken up by the occasional cow or … Continue reading

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