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Church of the Divine Sight. Short Story.

Hi everyone, waiting for Ex-hurricane Ophelia to hit at the moment. I’m expecting everything to be fine but just wanted to write a quick note in case we lose power or something like that for a prolonged period. I should … Continue reading

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Fire and Faith. Flash Fiction.

Charlotte sat in the middle of the fire, eyes closed and a small smile on her lips. She could feel the flames licking across her skin, moving through her body, chasing out the darkness and the evil that had infected … Continue reading

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The Test. Short Story.

Angela paced back and forth in her room, today was the day. Everyone was waiting for her downstairs. She looked at herself in the mirror again, making sure everything was perfect.  Normally her mother would be helping her prepare, but … Continue reading

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Road Trip. Short Story.

“This better be worth it.” “It will be, trust me.” “Yeah, yeah, you two can think what you like, but we all know, deep down, that nothing is going to happen.” “Why did you even come with us if you’re … Continue reading

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Simple Confession. Short Story.

Today’s short story is slightly short than the previous ones. I’m off from college now, so, how do I spend my days? Lazily is the answer, lazily. My parents and I have had a Dexter marathon, almost through season 3 … Continue reading

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