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Greater Good. Flash Fiction.

So the colonoscopy went well, still feeling groggy and a bit out of it. Haven’t had any complications or anything like that, just have to rest now for a few days. Stricture was dilated to 20mm and now I just … Continue reading

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Prisoner. Flash Fiction.

bleh. Feeling fairly crappy today, been having some stomach cramps on and off through the day. Picked up my prescription of Moviprep though, super looking forward to that, I mean how else am I going to get my fix for … Continue reading

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World of Myth. Flash Fiction.

So I got the date for my colonoscopy, next Wednesday which is great because it’ll be done and over with soon enough. Still feeling pretty wrecked but haven’t lost any weight in the last few days which bodes well over … Continue reading

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Short Story Will be up Tomorrow.

Hey guys, been one of those days what with doctors appointments and such (woo for getting another colonoscopy :-/) Anyway, due to all that excitement the short story for today will be up tomorrow instead, hope everyone has had a … Continue reading

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