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Church of the Divine Sight. Short Story.

Hi everyone, waiting for Ex-hurricane Ophelia to hit at the moment. I’m expecting everything to be fine but just wanted to write a quick note in case we lose power or something like that for a prolonged period. I should … Continue reading

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Close to Salvation. Short Story.

Larry gazed up at the sun above him, he licked his dry, cracked lips with his thick, heavy tongue. It had been so long since he had last had a drink, almost two days now at this point. Yesterday he … Continue reading

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House Arrest. Short Story.

Fred moved around the room slowly, counting under his breath as he went. The library itself was large with book cases coving the wall. The windows were stained glass blues, reds and yellows all depicting awful, terrifying scenes. One showed … Continue reading

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Finished. Flash Fiction.

This always happened with Blake. He promised the moon and then he’d go and fuck it up some how. Kim looked at her phone again, he didn’t even have the decency to send her a text. No, it would go … Continue reading

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Boxes Upon Boxes. Flash Fiction.

Sally gasped as she felt the thin paper bite into her skin. She quickly put her finger in her mouth, a faint taste of copper coated her tongue, she shuddered slightly, she always hated the taste of blood. She took … Continue reading

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Testing. Short Story.

Beth walked down the corridor, ignoring the occupants in the cages on either side. One or two of them called out weakly as she passed, she didn’t pause in her strides, her high-heels clacking on the cold cement floor. She … Continue reading

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The Intruder. Short Story.

Tom put the teabag into his mug, outside her could hear that damn dog from 54 still barking away. It never shut up. He sighed, it wasn’t the dogs fault his owners left him outside all the time, he glanced … Continue reading

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