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First Day. Short Story.

Hey, so just a quick warning there won’t be a short story on Friday, but I’ll be back on Monday and everything will continue as normal then. Going for a colonoscopy and an gastroscopy tomorrow so I figure give myself … Continue reading

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Someday. Short Story.

Terry looked at himself in the mirror, turning his head this way and that. When had he gotten so old? All these new wrinkles and blemishes seemed to have sprung up over night. He ran his hand carefully through his … Continue reading

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Storage Facility 12-B. Short Story.

“And remember, don’t look in the mirrors.” “If we’re not supposed to look in them, why do we have them?” Tony looked at James, as though he was about to explain something extremely complicated to someone extremely slow. “They’re used … Continue reading

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Acceptance. Short Story.

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Hope everyone has an awesome (and safe) day! __________________________________________________________ Haley walked slowly, lost in thought. The streets were covered in shadows distorted by the streetlights, the sky was covered with clouds, blocking the moon and stars. … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life. Short Story.

Man it’s kinda weird to be putting up a story on a Tuesday. So, it turns out that yes, yes I do have tonsillitis again. One day between stopping the antibiotics and it coming back. One. It’s really starting to … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead. Short Story.

Well. I don’t really have much news today. This is awkward. I’ve been rewatching True Blood in preparation for seeing the new episodes. I’m supposed to hold off watching them as two of my friends want to watch them together, … Continue reading

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