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March of the Dead. Flash Fiction.

Woo! It’s the weekend! I’m gonna try to make a loaf of sourdough bread, not entirely sure how it’ll go but fingers crossed! Hope everyone has a great weekend! ___________________________________________________ The crowd was silent as they watched the parade trudge … Continue reading

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The Collector. Short Story.

So the scopes went well, didn’t end up throwing up or hospitalised afterwards this time so that’s a plus! I’m mostly back to normal now, stomach was fairly tender for the last few days. Over all not a particularly pleasant … Continue reading

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Happiness in a Bottle. Short Story.

Lily took her pill and counted to ten, she hated feeling sad, everyone did. A moment later she could feel the sadness receding, replaced instead by a buoying happiness, she smiled allowing it to pull her along. She gently took … Continue reading

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The Crystal Dead. Short Story.

“This place gives me the creeps.” “Why?” “It’s like watching ants, just mindless drones going about their business.” “So? It’s just the way they do things here.” “I know, but it’s creepy, why do you need so many people to … Continue reading

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The Radio. Short Story.

Sandra had been hearing them for months now and it was wonderful. She was able to spend time with those who had passed, her grandparents, her mother, Bobby and June. It had been so long since she had heard any … Continue reading

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Planet of the Dead. Short Story.

Last few weeks haven’t been that fun. First I was sick, now I just have a lingering cough, then I managed to hurt my back, which is still sore. I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t tend to injure myself … Continue reading

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The Stolen. Short Story.

Fred sat in the house, waiting.     They’ll be coming for him soon, like they came for everyone else. He didn’t know who they were exactly. No one really knew, but that didn’t stop them. First they got Angie. … Continue reading

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