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Welcoming the End. Flash Fiction.

Mary carefully lowered herself into the chair, once she was sitting she let out a small sigh of relief. Everything hurt these days, she reached out and picked up the hand mirror sitting on the small table beside her, carefully … Continue reading

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Loss. Short Story.

Danny looked at himself in the hall mirror, he turned his head this way and that, then tried smiling. It looked wrong, too bright, too manic. He let his face relax and tried again. Better. “Morning! Yes, it’s a beautiful … Continue reading

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Possession. Short Story.

Tommy flexed his hands, looking at how the skin wrinkled and bunched together, his joints felt swollen, tight. He hated being old. All his wrinkled skin, the constant dull aches in his ankles, knees and hips, the slowness of his … Continue reading

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Happiness in a Bottle. Short Story.

Lily took her pill and counted to ten, she hated feeling sad, everyone did. A moment later she could feel the sadness receding, replaced instead by a buoying happiness, she smiled allowing it to pull her along. She gently took … Continue reading

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Prolonging the Inevitable. Flash Fiction.

Derek took a deep breath, feeling the energy infusing with his body. He released the breath with a sigh and looked at his hands, already he could see the skin tightening, the wrinkles smoothing over, the age spots fading. He … Continue reading

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After. Short Story.

“You know what the saddest part of it all is?” “No, what?” “No one will remember them. Not really. People will talk about the jumper, about how it effected their day, maybe even their life, but no one will actually … Continue reading

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A Favour. Short Story.

“Ugh, do we have to do this?” “We promised we would.” “I know but she’s not going to know, she’s dead.” “So you want to break a promise to a dead woman, is that it?” “Yeah. Pretty much. We both … Continue reading

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