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Reset. Flash Fiction.

The room was small, holding only a hospital bed and a chair beside it, a single bare bulb hung from the ceiling giving a weak and watery kind of light. Dana sat on the chair, the old man lay in … Continue reading

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Preminition. Flash Fiction.

Elena stood at the stove, spatula in one hand, frying pan tightly gripped in the other. Behind her sat Daniel, her husband of eight years and their 5 month old daughter Jessica. Jessica let out a shrill laugh, Elena scooped … Continue reading

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In the Darkness. Flash Fiction.

“The dead can be a little restless, you need to walk through the tunnels at least once every four hours. You don’t have to speak to them if you do not want to, they find the presence comforting enough.” “But … Continue reading

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Cause of Death. Short Story.

Carl looked at his watch, only another ten minutes and then he’d be done here. The morning had flown by but after lunch everything just seemed to grind to a halt. He looked at the word documents he had open … Continue reading

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Escape. Flash Fiction.

Janet looked at the pills that were spilled across the table. It wasn’t really giving up, was it? She stood from the table and went into the bathroom, there she dipped her hand into the bath, it was just the … Continue reading

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End of an Era. Flash Fiction.

The crowd stood in silence, the large space was filled with mourners, some carried signs, all wore black. They looked up at the window of the Cathedral and waited, praying for good news, but knowing there was no hope. Inside … Continue reading

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Every Year. Flash Fiction.

Jason stood in the centre of the clearing, a faint breeze rustled the leaves of the trees around him. He pulled his jacket a little tighter, it wasn’t a cold day, but it would get colder. Right on time Todd … Continue reading

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