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On the Prowl. Short Story.

“So, how many have you killed?” “Honestly? I’ve lost count. After a while they all just started blending together for me. You?” “ninety eight, I’m hoping to get to one hundred this weekend.” “I’m sure you will.” Bob took a … Continue reading

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Helping Hand. Flash Fiction

Stephanie looked at the glass of water on the counter, all ready to go. Did she really dare do it? After all it wouldn’t be her fault, not if Jason had asked for it. She wouldn’t be making him drink … Continue reading

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Change. Short Story.

Hope everyone’s week is going well. Had an ok week. Went out for my friends birthday, it was quite nice and she enjoyed it (I hope!) had a great time chatting with everyone. Tomorrow is the launch of my courses … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life. Short Story.

Man it’s kinda weird to be putting up a story on a Tuesday. So, it turns out that yes, yes I do have tonsillitis again. One day between stopping the antibiotics and it coming back. One. It’s really starting to … Continue reading

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