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After The End. Short Story.

Tony looked out the window, at the people walking past on the sidewalk, at the sun shining in the sky and the clouds floating serenely above, it all seemed so perfect, but it was wrong, it had to be. Tony … Continue reading

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End of an Era. Flash Fiction.

The crowd stood in silence, the large space was filled with mourners, some carried signs, all wore black. They looked up at the window of the Cathedral and waited, praying for good news, but knowing there was no hope. Inside … Continue reading

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Helping Hand. Flash Fiction

Stephanie looked at the glass of water on the counter, all ready to go. Did she really dare do it? After all it wouldn’t be her fault, not if Jason had asked for it. She wouldn’t be making him drink … Continue reading

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The Final Straw.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was fairly tame, spent most of it sleeping or being tired. Didn’t get up to much really. I’ve started watching Battlestar Galatica, never seen it before and it’s on Netflix so I figured … Continue reading

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The Edge of the World. Short Story.

On Monday I went into the doctor for some blood tests, super early in the morning before college started, that was fun. I also went into town yesterday to meet up with a friend, tried some bubble tea as it … Continue reading

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Sermon. Short Story.

It’s comin’ you know. That great wave, the one that will cleanse earth of its sins. Now don’t give me that look. I know you don’t believe me, but that’s the beauty of the truth, it doesn’t require your belief, … Continue reading

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From The Depths. Short Story.

Finished until January! Woo! My week has been going ok, been a bit weird, my sleeping schedules suddenly gone wonky, which I want to fix before it sets in properly. Beyond that nothing really has happened, also, as an aside, … Continue reading

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