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The World Below. Short Story.

Darren took a sip of his water, he hated how metallic it always tasted. His mother had always told him it was because of the storage tanks above. His little sister Debbie didn’t mind it, none of the younger children … Continue reading

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New Town. Part 27

Part 1, Part 26 The ground shook harder, throwing them off their feet. A tear opened in the ground, the dull roar began to fade, replaced with screeching. Todd looked at Max, then Doug, “Maybe it would be better if … Continue reading

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Guidance. Short Story.

My weekend was pretty relaxing, visited some friends on Friday, had a bit of a catch up, the rest of the weekend was spent doing very little, I’m also not feeling as tired, so that’s a bonus. Started reading again, … Continue reading

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Deadly Secrets. Part 44.

My week was pretty ok, though I’ve been wrecked for the last few days, unbelievably tired, it seems to be fading thankfully. Do not want to go back down that road again. No thank you. I’m lazy enough as it … Continue reading

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Her Final Days. Short Story.

I’ve been fairly tired this week, so I haven’t been up to much! Hope everyone’s week is going well. On with the show! —————————————————————————————————————————- He held her hands in his. It was so small. He had never noticed that before. … Continue reading

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