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Moth to the Flame Flash Fiction.

Liam stood in the middle of the field, staring at the fire. The sky was a dull grey, it had been threatening rain since the morning and a cold wind had been blowing steadily all day. He shivered and moved … Continue reading

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A Simple Trade. Flash Fiction.

Kelly watched the thick black smoke that rose into the sky, the screaming from inside had stopped long ago. Above the roar of the fire she could hear sirens getting closer, she had wondered when they would show up. She … Continue reading

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Resolution. Flash Fiction.

Justine stood in the hallway, she took short, shallow breaths, any attempt to breathe deeply resulted in a coughing fit. The house smelt of damp and rot, of old milk and over it all a heavy stench of stale cigarette … Continue reading

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The Heatwave. Short Story.

Jack wiped the sweat from his forehead, the damn heat was starting to drive him crazy. It had been two weeks since the heat wave began, with everyone promising it would end soon. Two weeks of scorching heat and no … Continue reading

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Fire and Faith. Flash Fiction.

Charlotte sat in the middle of the fire, eyes closed and a small smile on her lips. She could feel the flames licking across her skin, moving through her body, chasing out the darkness and the evil that had infected … Continue reading

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Cleansing. Short Story.

Fire. It was the only way. Matt splashed some gasoline around the sitting room, being careful not to get any on himself. He poured some over the couch and around the floor. Already the room stank, he needed to work … Continue reading

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Eternal Flame. Short Story.

“So you’re telling me it has never gone out? Not even once?” “That is correct.” “I don’t believe it. No one snuck out for a smoke break and let it burn just a little too low?” “No. That has never … Continue reading

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