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Daily Dose. Flash Fiction.

Thomas took a swig from the bottle, then grimaced as he felt the burning heat of it move down his throat before blooming in his stomach. He gasped, then took another drink. He started coughing, beads of sweat began to … Continue reading

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Resolution. Flash Fiction.

Justine stood in the hallway, she took short, shallow breaths, any attempt to breathe deeply resulted in a coughing fit. The house smelt of damp and rot, of old milk and over it all a heavy stench of stale cigarette … Continue reading

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End of an Era. Flash Fiction.

The crowd stood in silence, the large space was filled with mourners, some carried signs, all wore black. They looked up at the window of the Cathedral and waited, praying for good news, but knowing there was no hope. Inside … Continue reading

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Every Year. Flash Fiction.

Jason stood in the centre of the clearing, a faint breeze rustled the leaves of the trees around him. He pulled his jacket a little tighter, it wasn’t a cold day, but it would get colder. Right on time Todd … Continue reading

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The Outbreak. Flash Fiction.

Ugh. So Tired. Been pretty wrecked the last while, and have had some cramping and stuff, which isn’t exactly fun. I’ve a doctors appointment in a few weeks, so gonna find out what’ll be happening then. In the mean time … Continue reading

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Survival of the Fittest. Flash Fiction.

Diana leaned against the wall, her breath came in great gasps. The smell of blood was thick and heavy in the air, she could almost taste the coppery tang on her tongue. The man, or what was left of him, … Continue reading

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Just a Pimple. Flash Fiction.

Doug squeezed at the edges of the pimple, damn thing kept coming back every few days. Georgina had wanted him to go to the doctor about it but Doug didn’t see the point, this took care of it for the … Continue reading

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