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Escape. Flash Fiction.

Amanda sat down on the warm rocks, her legs were tired and shaky, her mouth was dry, she’d run out of water about an hour back and hadn’t come across any water out here so far. Her stomach rumbled lightly … Continue reading

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Reset. Flash Fiction.

The room was small, holding only a hospital bed and a chair beside it, a single bare bulb hung from the ceiling giving a weak and watery kind of light. Dana sat on the chair, the old man lay in … Continue reading

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Always With You. Flash Fiction.

Eve looked down at her watch, there was still another twenty minutes left in the presentation and she’d checked out of it a few minutes in. She glanced around the room, going by the yawns and vacant stares she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Storage. Flash Fiction.

“How many are stored here?” “Well, at the moment we have just under a billion residents, but we are at only 23% capacity, there’s still plenty of space.” Joanne knew it wasn’t one of the larger storage facilities, but that … Continue reading

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Preservation. Flash Fiction.

Brad grabbed his bag and got out of the truck, several men in uniform jumped out and quickly gathered in formation before moving off, leaving Brad and another man alone at the truck. The man ignored Brad, he was focused … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day. Flash Fiction.

“Everyone have a good view? It’s going to start in a second.” Dan moved closer to the edge of the building, the cold wind grabbing at his coat. Around him the crowd bunched together slightly, trying to share warmth. The … Continue reading

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Bright, Happy Day. Flash Fiction.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Was great watching the snow fall and going for walks. We had about 9 inches of snow, I’m a little bummed we didn’t get the full brunt of storm Emma for more snow, but … Continue reading

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