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Welcoming the End. Flash Fiction.

Mary carefully lowered herself into the chair, once she was sitting she let out a small sigh of relief. Everything hurt these days, she reached out and picked up the hand mirror sitting on the small table beside her, carefully … Continue reading

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To Another World. Flash Fiction.

“And you’re sure it’s safe?” “Life is full of risks honey, there’s no guarantee. It does what it does.” Josie looked at the small plastic baggie, it was filled with a brownish powder, excitement was bubbling up in her chest, … Continue reading

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Silence is Golden. Flash Fiction.

Simon lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Beside him Angela slept, occasionally she would snore softly. Despite the silence of the house he could feel it, the oppressive pressure that was always there. The house itself had become so … Continue reading

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Gaining Power. Flash Fiction.

Sarah hung up, she didn’t have time for petty problems like these. “Is it sorted?” “Yeah, just Jack being an idiot.” “So he’ll be able to get it, right?” “Yeah, yeah. Just had a different name and he was confused.” … Continue reading

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The Deal. Flash Fiction.

Justin light his cigarette and took a long drag, it was almost time and nerves were starting to get to him. The alley was dark and full of threatening shadows. Justin slowly exhaled, trying to relax, the trade would go … Continue reading

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The Rock. Flash Fiction.

Anna sighed and pulled her jacket a little tighter, now that night was falling it was starting to get cold. She looked around again and saw nothing, this entire thing was just so stupid. They really expected her to stand … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment. Flash Fiction.

“Please, spare him, he’s only a boy.” “You know the rules, you both know the rules. You broke the law so he must be punished.” “No, please, punish me, I’m the one who stole it, not him.” “That doesn’t matter.” … Continue reading

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