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Last Night Out. Flash Fiction.

Daniel opened his eyes and waited for the inevitable pain and nausea to hit. They didn’t. He rubbed his head gently, no throbbing headache, his mouth wasn’t dry and his tongue wasn’t thick, there was no aftertaste of booze or … Continue reading

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The Flash. Short Story.

So writing stuff down is supposed to be a good way to get your thoughts in order and I really need to get them all in order because what I’m thinking makes no sense but it feels right. It sounds … Continue reading

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Predators. Flash Fiction.

Jake sat on the hill, looking out at the herd. He stretched, then lay back into the grass. He was supposed to be taking care of the animals, but they were fine. Nothing was going to happen to them if … Continue reading

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Falling Angels. Flash Fiction.

It was a cold day, the day that the angels fell. The first one fell at 10.01 A.M. Many people have looked for significance in that number, but none has yet been found. He fell to the earth in a … Continue reading

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Mother. & The Shrieking. Short Stories.

Mother. She sat on the couch, carefully brushing the hair, it was important to take care of it. The brush moved through the strands with ease, the motion was relaxing, reassuring. She always enjoyed this. She put the brush down, … Continue reading

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Feed. & Waiting. Double Post. (Flash Fiction)

Writing today has been a bit difficult, mainly as I am so tired. My birthday party was fun and people seemed to enjoy themselves! Overall it was a good weekend. Hope everyone enjoy theirs! On with the show! —————————————————————— Feed. … Continue reading

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The Box. Short Story.

Ok, todays short story is kinda short, more like flash fiction. I’ve my first and final exam in a few hours so I am slightly distracted! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was a mixture of good and … Continue reading

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