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Storage. Flash Fiction.

“How many are stored here?” “Well, at the moment we have just under a billion residents, but we are at only 23% capacity, there’s still plenty of space.” Joanne knew it wasn’t one of the larger storage facilities, but that … Continue reading

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Oracles. Short Story.

Happy St. Patrick day! Hope everyone has a good day! I’m not up to much today, just going to have a relaxed one. I always find Paddy’s day can be a bit stressful, town is always packed and it’s a … Continue reading

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The Gentle Night. Short Story.

Tom groaned, then sat up, he needed to get a move on or he’d be late. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood, then he stumbled to the bathroom, wincing at the bright light. In … Continue reading

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An Imitation. Short Story.

Janice opened her eyes slowly, feeling groggy. After a second, she sat up, squinting. Everything was so bright, the room she was in was completely white, the bed, the tables. Everything. She blinked, then started rubbing at her eyes. The … Continue reading

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Punishment. Short Story.

Angela walked slowly, in front of her was her quarry, who meandered through the market stalls. Angela would occasionally stop and look at the items scattered on the tables, old electronics that were practically worthless now, though some people placed … Continue reading

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Burning/Sickness. Flash Fiction.

Burning John had always known he’d die by fire, ever since he was a child. He had a fascination with it, one that didn’t quite tip over into unhealthy, but was well inside the borders of unusual. It filled his … Continue reading

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Winner. Short Story.

I decided that today I’d do a short story, rather than continue with Shadow Crawlers. Don’t worry, the next installment will be up next week and it will continue on as regular after that. It’s been a busy week, but … Continue reading

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