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Slow, Painful Death. Short Story.

The room was large and bright, a desk sat in the middle, behind which was a large sliding door leading to a balcony, the door was open letting in a light breeze. Joanne hadn’t expected this. She thought it would … Continue reading

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Punishments. Short Story.

Grace sank back into her pillows and dabbed at her mouth with some tissue. At least the vomiting was over for a little while. The bucket was half filled with the thick, gelatinous mass and the room stunk of it. … Continue reading

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Sickness. Flash Fiction.

Lauren heaved as her stomach cramped, expelling the contents of her stomach. She was sitting on the floor, head hung over the toilet, spitting out the remains of the vomit from her mouth. She coughed, then grabbed some tissue and … Continue reading

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Surgical Precision. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Sorry about Fridays post being up so late, there were some problems with my computer, though it’s all sorted now! On with the show! __________________________________________________________ “And how are you feeling this morning?” “Fine, a … Continue reading

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Family Curse. Short Story.

Still in my sisters, though this is my last day here. I’ll be heading back to Dublin later tonight. Finn is currently sleeping across from me, he’s much cuter when he’s sleepy/tired. The other two dogs are also here, Finn … Continue reading

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Death Bed. Short Story.

He sat up, letting out a faint groan, “how are you feeling today?” “Tired. Sore.” “Any better?” “Not really.” “hmm, there should be some improvement.” The doctor looked worried, “I’m not getting better, am I?” “No, it doesn’t look that … Continue reading

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Her Final Days. Short Story.

I’ve been fairly tired this week, so I haven’t been up to much! Hope everyone’s week is going well. On with the show! —————————————————————————————————————————- He held her hands in his. It was so small. He had never noticed that before. … Continue reading

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