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Without a Trace. Flash Fiction.

There was no point in trying to hang on any longer. It wasn’t even like there was anyone left to mourn him. His parents had died away three years ago, car accident, his father had a bit too much to … Continue reading

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The Collector. Short Story.

So the scopes went well, didn’t end up throwing up or hospitalised afterwards this time so that’s a plus! I’m mostly back to normal now, stomach was fairly tender for the last few days. Over all not a particularly pleasant … Continue reading

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Searching. Short Story.

Sally took another swig of her drink and grimaced, she put the tea cup down on the table. She wasn’t entirely sure what was in the cup, but she knew it wasn’t tea. What ever it was it had a … Continue reading

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Jacob’s River. Short Story.

It was a mild morning, the sun was shining and there was a faint breeze. The city came to life as people began to wake and get ready for the day. People rushed through showers and breakfast, still groggy from … Continue reading

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Missing. Short Story.

Jenny stood outside the building, she took one step forward, then stopped. She turned and started back to her car. She made it half way across the parking lot before she managed to stop herself. Jenny took three deep breaths, … Continue reading

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Vanished. Short Story.

John pulled into the  driveway, then sat for a moment in the car. It was cold and windy outside, but warm in here. He pulled his jacket tight and grabbed his backpack, everything he needed. It was only a short … Continue reading

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