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One Night of Freedom. Short Story.

Weeks going well, I haven’t lost any more weight which is great. Watched the new Cloverfield on Netflix, I enjoyed it, it reminded me a little of Event Horizon. We had some snow yesterday, though not as much as I’d … Continue reading

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Good Samaritan. Flash Fiction.

Sarah paused, the glass of water halfway to her lips, had she heard something? It almost sounded like a faint voice calling out. She took a sip from the glass, then turned to go back into the sitting room, she … Continue reading

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Perfect End to a Perfect Night. Short Story.

Scott walked with his head down and his hands in his pockets, it had been a long night and not nearly as fun as it was supposed to be. He’d struck out with Casey, who’d disappeared halfway through the night … Continue reading

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The Last Night. Short Story.

The night air was colder than Janice had expected, despite her warm hoody she still shivered slightly. Standing she went to her car and grabbed the spare blanket from the trunk. Blanket in hand she went back to her spot … Continue reading

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Last Night Out. Flash Fiction.

Daniel opened his eyes and waited for the inevitable pain and nausea to hit. They didn’t. He rubbed his head gently, no throbbing headache, his mouth wasn’t dry and his tongue wasn’t thick, there was no aftertaste of booze or … Continue reading

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Night Prowler. Flash Fiction.

Tom lay in bed, his breathing was slow and steady but his heart was thumping in his chest. He could just see the dark out line of it pacing around his bed. The movements were smooth and steady, they reminded … Continue reading

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The Walk. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty fun, went out, read a lot. Over all quite enjoyable and really relaxing. On with the show! __________________________________________________________ Matt walked down the dark alley, trying to keep his breathing calm and … Continue reading

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