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A Quick Break. Short Story.

Still sick. I seem to be on the mend at least, which is something. I’m thinking of doing a dry run of my Halloween costume in the next few days, if I do I’ll put pictures on my twitter and … Continue reading

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Office Life. Short Story.

Jeremy quickly finished the last few bites of his sandwich and then downed what was left in his bottle of water. He crumpled the cardboard container and tossed it into the bin, checking his watch, he started walking at a … Continue reading

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Company Party. Short Story.

I’m back! I was away, in Rome specifically, last week. It was quite a fun trip, got to see a lot of awesome things (again. I’ve been a few times, love the place. It’s amazing.) Also went to Ostia Antiqua, … Continue reading

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Sacrifice. Short Story.

She sat at her desk, fingers flying across the keyboard, only pausing momentarily so she could pick up her cup of coffee and have a quick sip. It was dark outside, the windows appearing to be completely black. The office … Continue reading

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First Day at the Office. Short Story.

There is a plague currently befalling us all, a blight on the world and we are all aware of it, but we choose to ignore it. I say no more. this is a problem that needs to be dealt with … Continue reading

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