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The High Life. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Had some cramps this morning which wasn’t fun, so not doing as well as I had thought. Weekend was good though, it was my grandmothers 80th so my dads side of the family all … Continue reading

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Life of the Party. Flash Fiction.

Francine lifted the fork full of raw meat to her mouth, slowly, almost sensuously she put the fork into her mouth and closed it, slowly drawing the tines between her lips. She savoured the taste for a second, then she … Continue reading

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Lost. Short Story.

Joe had been lost in the blackness for so long. It all started with a party in the woods. He had been looking forward to it after a stressful week of college. Amanda was organising it on her parents property, … Continue reading

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Company Party. Short Story.

I’m back! I was away, in Rome specifically, last week. It was quite a fun trip, got to see a lot of awesome things (again. I’ve been a few times, love the place. It’s amazing.) Also went to Ostia Antiqua, … Continue reading

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The Last Party. Short Story.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman, it was good, though not as good as I expected, mostly because everyone I know who has seen it has gone on and on … Continue reading

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A Night To Remember. Short Story.

Light glittered through the crystal chandeliers, diffusing the golden light, spreading it through the room. They hung gracefully from the ceiling, each tier linked with graceful strings of crystal. Around the room candles flickered upon their stands as wax dripped … Continue reading

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