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Little Black Pill. Short Story.

Chad poured whiskey into the coffee mug, filling it about half way, he poured a mouthful into his own mug, then he put the lid on the bottle and put it onto the table. He pulled a small baggie from … Continue reading

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One Little Pill. Short Story.

Martin looked at the pill sitting in front of him, it looked so innocuous. One little white pill, that was all. He had carefully extracted it from the baggy, pulling it from several of its friends. As he looked at … Continue reading

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A Pill A Day. Flash Fiction.

Andy took his pill and washed it down with a gulp of water. He grimaced as the taste hit, sour and bitter and sweet, all at once. He took a swig of soft drink and swished it around his mouth, … Continue reading

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Secret Worship. Short Story.

Andrea stared at the tiny pill in her hand, so much power in such a small thing. It was black, almost impossibly so, to her it looked as though it absorbed the light around it. There were no markings on … Continue reading

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A Pill A Day. Short Story.

I hope everyone had a good Patricks day, I went out to a bar with some friends, got drunk, drunker than I expected but it was fun enough. Didn’t feel great on sunday though, felt kinda sick. I think my … Continue reading

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