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One Day at a Time. Short Story.

Jeremy took another sip of tea, his hands weren’t shaking anymore, which was a plus, but that didn’t mean the desire had faded away. He just needed to keep himself busy. That was all, do something distracting. He looked around … Continue reading

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Changes. Short Story.

Marie sat in the dark. She didn’t want any light, when the lights were on she could see how she really looked. The way her skin was mottled, the way her fingers were twisted and bent, the writhing of her … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 23

Wednesday’s story was a little unusual, but I’m writing something that’s pretty intense at the moment so I wanted to have a bit of light hearted fun to cheer me up and give me a slight break from seriousness…ness. The … Continue reading

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Visions. Short Story.

Still sick. It’s like the song that never ends, but with illness and far more annoying. With illness you can’t just slap who ever is singing to get them to stop. Unsurprisingly, this meant I didn’t get up to much … Continue reading

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